Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I just lugged my laptop almost 2 miles in my backpack through 90 degree heat and humidity and have arrived at Starbucks with enough time to re-read Monday's post and the comment(s) and to type this; and now they are closing.
The 170 dollars is down to $1.25 and a bus ticket.
It wasn't totally reckless spending, as I ate very well out of the Ideal Market; and, outside of an experiment in buying a huge jug of whiskey thinking that it would last 2 days and I would ultimately save money; but it only lasted one night, as "everyone" wanted a was pretty sensibly spent, on things like lotion....

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alex carter said...

I think it might be time to start taking stock of where you're putting your time and money in.

Since this blog is a vehicle for cyber-begging, evaluate how much it's bringing in, versus the amount of time and effort you put in.

A secondary purpose might be to feel like you'll be remembered, for posterity somehow.

In the first case I'd say this blog is a huge waste of your time and energy; in the 2nd case I'd say you're going to be a lot more famous and valued by society if you produce some CDs that later become collectors' items.

Since moving to San Jose, supposedly some kind of high tech heaven - HA! - I've learned to depend on the internet less and less. It's mainly a huge waste of time and energy which are far better spend in the real world doing real things.

So, go on an "internet fast" and produce that first CD!