Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Mouse Situation at Sacred Heart Apartments

The computers have been returned to the computer room, here at Sacred Heart Apartments.
It took them a couple weeks because there was an insurance claim involved (after some bozo on the second floor set the sprinkler system off).
I guess there turned out to be no major water damage to them, as the CPU's look to be the original ones; but each unit now has a new mouse. Kind of the equivalent of putting new mudflaps on a pickup truck. I guess the insurance company won that battle.
Now I should be able to blog more, since I don't have to tote my laptop around all night to facilitate such.
I plan upon reorganizing the blog; perhaps making the first 5 posts long enough to each encapsulate one decade from the 60's on up; and then perhaps doing a Readers Digest Condensed Books type thing on individual months thereafter...
I am still planning upon doing that kind of back-fill on the years before I had a blog; and interspersing some short stories in between posts to help make them both more relevant; and to shed more light on what was happening around the time period that the story is set in.

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