Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Rodent Control

Yesterdays post, with "Mouse Situation" in the title, drew moderate traffic to the blog (36 people, out of 2 billion Internet users).
I wonder if the distribution of the audience indicates that more people in the USA are concerned about rodent control issues than in other lands;

United States

Ever see the size of those Bulgarian mice?!?

No Whiskey In The Jar

I have Just hit Howard up for 2 dollars, so that I can ride into the Quarter.
Last night was slow, even for a Tuesday, and I got to the spot relatively late, and under the influence of a bottle of wine and a few sips of whiskey, and I found myself to be not in the mood to hear any music.

I felt like I could have accomplished more by staying at home and working on recording.

I had had only one person throw thirty five (35) cents in my jar -just about an historic low for a single tip, if you exclude the ones that throw one penny (because it's so hilarious) when I packed up, spent my last dime on a half pint of whiskey and then made the long walk home.

Once home, I actually made 4 recordings that I was proud of -then my Audacity program crashed.
I think it crashed because of something related to the drum track that I was playing along with; which was a "free" download off the Internet. If it came along with any code, I don't know, maybe spyware...Audacity would probably hang up like it did.

It was a snappy beat to which I came up with a pretty ambitious riff to go along with; and then improvised some lyrics that I was anxious to hear back. When I went to add effects, Audacity went into a state of "not responding." Since I had already saved each of the 4 songs in turn, before starting on the next one, I assumed it was OK to back out by clicking on "Do not recover projects," which I did -and I haven't seen my songs since.

The only one which survived was the lamest of the bunch; mainly "Take Me To The River," the Talking Heads version, which I did because the drum beat suggested it so strongly in an "I can name that tune in 3 beats" kind of way.

 Tonight promises to be as slow as last night.

The antidote will be to arrive a bit early; have no expectations; and to be in the mood to play for more than 20 minutes; not being drunk and moody may help on the last count.

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