Thursday, August 13, 2015

Not So Fast

Pretty Slow
Yesterday evening, I walked into the Quarter, so that I could use the 2 bucks that Howard lent me, along with some change that I had in the "1% jar" to get a half pint of whiskey.
Jay, the really loud singer reiterated his offer of 100 dollars per week to become my roommate, as I passed him on Royal Street.
I went and made about 17 bucks at the Lilly Pad.
Some light was shed upon the motives behind Lilly having asked me the previous night if I would play on her stoop "every night," along with her wishes that I would play longer into the night, perhaps until the sun rose.
After I set up, a man stepped out of a van from across the street, a Latino wearing a soccer shirt with the number "9" on it, who walked across the street and entered through Lilly's gate, not even pausing at it long enough to have used a key to unlock it. The gate had been opened.
I texted Lilly to inform her of the above.
She soon arrived and informed me that the man was doing some work upon her place.
She is feuding with the next door neighbor again, this time over some damage done to the wall in the alley between the two places. I guess she and the neighbor fight over the alley as if it were the Gaza Strip.
The guy was there to fix the wall (at midnight). I guess Lilly wanted me around in relation to that whole situation.
Recordings Found
I was happy, upon returning home, after walking there, stopping only at The Big Easy Market to buy a Heineken, to find that the "lost" recordings that I had made the previous night were on my little jump drive.
Since I had downloaded the cool drum beat onto the stick, the Audacity program chose the stick as the default location to save the finished "product." That would explain why I couldn't add effects to the tracks, as that would increase the size of the files; and the stick was pretty much full (Audacity folders are HUGE).
That is about it...I am going out to play tonight, probably the same time slot of 10 PM until 12:30; hoping to surpass the 17 dollars that I made last night, and banking upon the fact that the Saints are playing their first pre-season game tonight, and that may draw people to the bars, and then past my spot after the game ends around 10:30 PM.

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