Saturday, August 15, 2015

On This Day In History

4 years ago today, I was in Mobile, Alabama and was hemming and hawing and planning to make my first foray into New Orleans, by hopping on a freight train bound for there.
I think I hemmed and hawed for about 2 weeks before I finally made that trip.
18 Dollar Friday
Yes, we are in the slow season.
The reason that I was checking previous posts was to confirm that it is always slow here in August.
I read about some 2 dollar days, and some 7 dollar days which occurred in the second half of August the past few years.
This made me feel a little better about the 18 dollar night which was last night at the Lilly Pad.
The Royal Street musicians were reportedly run off by the police last night, probably at the 10 PM "curfew" time. I was just starting the play then.
Jay the really loud singer seems to be wavering in his desire to become my roommate at 100 dollars per week, based upon what kind of night he is having. The night that he made 120 dollars, he was really wanting to get out of the house where he is staying; saying that there are needles laying around everywhere.
His housemate is a career panhandler, who will probably sit with his sign on Royal Street until the day that one of those needles becomes his undoing. He is skinny and sits with his dog, an empty dog dish, more than one sign, actually, and I see him every night. He needs a cart to pull all of his panhandling paraphernalia.


  1. Isn't Jay the really loud singer making something like $100 a night?

    And how did he get so loud? Opera training or something?

  2. He is just a barrel chested guy, probably the same measurements as Johnny Cash...yeah, even if he only gets a 20 every hour or so, he is out there at least 6 hours a night (so there's $120 right there) with his mic he doesn't have to be really loud....
    Now the "New Orleans Opera Singer" Marshall, (say's he's on facebook as such) is even louder, due to his tenor range which is more Roy Orbison than J. Cash...

  3. "New Orleans Opera Guy" he is on facebook

  4. $20 an hour is more than any tech job pays... Am I to understand that the opera dude does even better?

  5. Yeah, 30 sounds about right, from the times I hung out to listen to him for a typical hour.

    But, my latest estimates on Tanya and Dorise is that they split about 10 grand after a busy (11 hour) night.

    They fill their pumpkin sized baskets "6 or 8" times a night, and if the average value of the bills was say, 5 bucks, there could easily be 1,500 per basket full...

    That would fall in line with them splitting about 200K per year; as per that rumor.

    The money must have corrupted them to some point; they must think, at some level that pop music is just a racket; and that drunken tourists are a big joke; something to laugh at all the way to the bank.

    It's always in the back of my mind that they patronize me with phony smiles as I walk past them "Just keep walking to your spot; and don't ever let us find you on ours," might be lurking behind the big smiles...

    But, if money was THAT important to me, I probably would have sold Sprint in the 80's, flipped real estate in the 90's, and would be scouring the Internet for a job writing "content" for some website...

    And I wouldn't pack up and head for the comforts of home as soon as 50 bucks went into my jar (after a grueling 2 and a half hour set)LOL!

  6. But a lot of that can be attributed to smoking too much "ambition be gone" (to quote Leno).


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