Monday, August 17, 2015

Loud And Clear

I call Jay the really loud singer: "Jay The Really Loud Singer," but Marshall Richards, the "New Orleans Opera Guy" is either louder, or just sounds louder because he is clearer.
It's a matter of range also, in the way that a crow's caw might sound louder than a cow moos, but you can probably hear them both from as far away.
Marshall would be the crow in that scenario.
 Marshall has become a good friend of mine after his getting over a slight bout of the "if you don't do classical, you ain't s***" mentality.
He likes to drink, so we have that in common...


Alex said...

I did a little googling and opera dude said at one point he made $30 an hour which is not bad at all.

I made just a hair under $20 a day on average the year before last, and last year made just a hair under $30 a day on average. I'll be very surprised if I average very much at all over $30 a day for this year, there is just no money in tech.

So this guy is making what I do only working an hour a day.

Alex said...

I should add... Some things I found googling... He's been busking for a while, went to a voice teacher for help with just general singing, the teacher noticed he had a great voice, and got him into opera.

Opera, or classical, singing is a whole different animal than most pop. Most pop artists have a quite limited range and they use a mic so they can croon.

Opera guy uses a mic these days too because unless you're singing in a space designed for non amplified singing, a mic is just a matter of survival. There are some places with good acoustics out there but they're not everywhere, and not always where the crowd flow works.