Monday, August 17, 2015

Decision Time

I did it again.
I got to feeling so good on my diet of healthy stuff that, in a drunken binge, I scarfed down the Styrofoam of some kind of rice and bean gumbo that some tourists left me Sunday night.
The dry, prickly rash and the urge to crack my neck and wring the muscles as if they were a sponge full of toxins, has returned.
My decision tonight will be whether to stay in and juice fast, with no money for booze, or to go into the quarter and at least play for a while, so as to have money for things like maybe a small vacuum cleaner some day.
I hate playing when I feel dry and scaly, though, and usually spend the first of the money I make on whiskey to numb me as soon as I make it, in those instances.

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