Tuesday, September 15, 2015

2 Dollar Monday

Monday, I ate a good meal of coconut milk with stir fried Oriental vegetables, pureed ginger, and red wine to wash it down.
I felt a little lethargic as I walked into the Quarter, just to save $1.25.
I had woken up with about 20 dollars, which was in my pocket.
I immediately ran into David the Water jug Player, who was, as is typical with him, looking to score some weed.
He had a half pint of vodka that he was working on, but no weed. He has his priorities, I guess.
We were able to find a Rasta guy who sold me a dime, which I shared with David, but not with a guy who happened to stop and strike up a conversation right when I was rolling the doobie. His timing was suspect and it had "skeeze" written all over it.
There were hardly any people on the street, and when I got to the Lilly Pad, I might have played for 15 people in the hour and a half that I did; netting two one dollar bills from them.
It is now Tuesday, and I got a half hour jump over the previous night, when I had run to the store for a bottle of wine and the food which dragged my energy level down after I had eaten it.
Tonight, I have about a half hour on this computer; and I need to try to download some classical music (It came to mind that, within the 9 days of music that I have on my hard drive, there is no opera, no Bach Brandenberg Concertos, and no Mozart Requiems or Handel Arias...)
I will go out and basically repeat last night, and hope to recover some of the money that I had spent on light bulbs and bath salts and a long shoelace that I needed to tie my backpack shut, replacing the one that had snapped.
Mundane expenses that only a responsible individual makes provisions for, rather than swilling down every cent of available cash.

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