Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday Night Football

3 Dollar Wednesday

I am taking the night off to watch football with Howard.
I probably won't drink; after the past 6 days when I have been; after the 24 days that I quit.
I have less than 5 bucks on me, and there is a correlation there, somewhere.


Alex said...

I love that picture! Two early Disney animation type characters are watching a TV that is melting, on which a blue Simpson is preparing to throw an empanada. The picture frame on the wall is elegantly carved wood with a beaver on the upper left corner because art deco.

I could never come up with stuff like that!

Daniel McKenna said...

Yes, about the only thing that I have ever learned out of an art technique book is that if you put a shadow beneath every object it will make it look more solid or grounded or in place or something and so there is a shadow beneath everything; the TVs shadow being more behind it is to account for the light coming out of Howards kitchen which was only hitting the TV area.

Alex said...

I should just do more polished, copies, of your art and become the next Jim Woodring.