Monday, October 26, 2015

Rained In

 It has stopped raining on this Monday, and I probably should go out and play, as the 26 bucks that I made on Saturday night has dwindled down to about 4.
Karrie Me Back
Recently, one of the biological daughters of Karrie has surfaced, having found my blog, with its 200 or so references to her, to be the major source of all things Karrie on the Internet.
I have dug up these other 2 photos out of the blog which I had before this one.
The blog was deleted, but the photos lived on in Picassa photos dot com....
I am out of time, but I hope Karrie's daughter, who is now 21 and in a position to contact her, enjoys these pictures from a time when Karrie and I were quite the item...just ask any cop in St. Augustine, Florida...LOL

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