Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Slow Drag

It has been slow the past couple of days.
Monday, it rained most of the day and into the evening, but it cleared up in time for me to play for almost nobody.
I had gotten a half pint of Heaven Hill whiskey, on credit from the Unique Grocery, and then had made only enough in an hour and a half of playing ($6.50) to pay back Uniques, get another beer and take the trolley home.
Tuesday night, I made about 9 dollars, which was just enough to repeat the process, only with some catfish fillets and a can of coconut milk thrown into the mix.
This morning, I woke up with the same 75 cents on my coffee table which I had the previous morning.
It is slightly depressing, and perhaps the worst aspect of it all is the fact that the only thought that lifts my spirits, as I embark upon the 2 mile walk, is the thought of the half pint of whiskey that I can get fronted to me, and the half smoked cigarettes that I might scrounge up.
Mom, if you are reading this; it would be OK with me if you sent a little more birthday money, as you had mentioned you might. The mail was delivered without a problem to my little cubby hole of a mailbox.
Tim the violinist wants to buy my amp from me, at the going rate for a used one of 200 dollars. This would give me some money in the short term to help me get my CD produced in time for Christmas; but then I would have to spend 200 bucks to replace it.
In the meantime, he is going to give me 10 bucks tomorrow as rent on the thing....

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