Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween On The Horizon

6 Dollar Monday
8 Dollar Tuesday
25 Dollar Wednesday

Yesterday, I walked into the quarter with 75 cents on me.
I stopped at The Unique Grocery store, where I repeated for the third day in a row my request for a half pint of whiskey; with the balance (after I applied the 75 cents) to be lent to me, with 2 AM agreed upon as the end of the term.

Tuesday night, I had walked in there with a dollar.

"Ah, you are 25 cents less than yesterday," remarked the Ethiopian cashier in good nature.

"Yes, but I bought catfish and a can of coconut milk after I finished last night, so I am actually ahead a bit, since I am nourished..."

Trick Or Treat?

Halloween is coming Saturday, to supposedly "save the day."
"There will be loads of people out," I have been promised by many. I haven't gone back in yearly increments in this blog to see if All Saints Day has been a trick or a treat; in the past.

Back To Last Night
Having only a half pint insured that my playing was loose, yet not sloppy, and I had made about 15 bucks by the time that I decided to run to the Quartermaster for a second half pint.

Returning to the Lilly Pad and playing for about another hour, yielded only about 5 more dollars. I may have gotten a little bit sloppy.

It was 12:46 AM, and I had 14 minutes to make it to Rouses Market before they locked the door.
I did so and they locked the door behind me as I left with a piece of chicken which had been reduced in price, a gallon of "drinking" water and a small can of tomato paste, totaling $3.17, I believe it was.
Once outside, I struck up a conversation with a very tall (6' 6") Cuban guy who had kind of curly reddish brown hair which made him look not very Cuban.

He wound up being from Montpelier, Vermont, via Cuba.

I wound up breaking my guitar out to play "Comfortably Numb," by Pink Floyd for him and a passing guy threw 5 dollars on my case during it.

I gave the guy directions to where his camper was parked. He had strayed at least 3 miles from it and was headed in the wrong direction when I encountered him.

He walked with me all the way to Canal Street, as that was his correct direction, where we encountered David the Water Jug Player, who struck up an animated conversation with the tall Cuban guy, not even seeing myself standing nearby, through the vodka haze.

It was amusing to see the way David probably interacts with everybody he encounters there, on his spot; Canal Street.

I have invited him to jam at the Lilly Pad, but he never has wanted to leave his comfort zone -funny, using the word "comfort" in referring to Canal Street.

He enjoys interacting and haggling with both the tourists and the plethora of  skeezers there, and I guess he feels that the less than 10 bucks that he might make in a whole evening is sufficient, given the enhanced experience.

He will, once in a blue moon be sporting a 50 dollar bill (and lavishing gifts upon his friends) which proves that the big tippers can be found even on Canal Street where they have to walk past a skeezer every 60 feet, on average.

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