Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dusted Off And Pretty Shiny

Thanksgiving night; I started out flat broke and might have made about 17 bucks.
I took Friday off.
Saturday night was slow for a Saturday night, but the Bayou Classic football game was going on in town; and opinions are mixed as to weather or not they are good tippers.
They are the same two teams every year: Grambling vs. Southern University (Baton Rouge).
And they are, of course, "black" colleges, and last year I did well (had a $108 night, in fact) by playing the whitest music that I knew, while others who tried to pander to the crowd by dusting off their Motown stuff, were complaining.
This year I was happy with the about 17 bucks that I made, considering that my spotlights were fading fast, and I finished the night almost in the dark.
Tanya and Dorise seemed to really appeal to the all black swarm of college kids; they keep an average of about 25 people listening to them for the entire 10 hours that they play; but this crowd had swelled to about 100 when I walked past them and they were playing their own Motown, which was dusted off already and pretty shiny...
Sunday night I took off to watch the Patriots lose to the Denver Broncos on Howard's Television set.
Monday, I went out and played, even though the guy that was going to give me 100 dollars for the pain meds, was going to do so shortly after midnight, when he got his monthly "1,200 bucks."
I was able to make enough for a few beers, a pack of smokes, and a can of cat food.
I seem to be gravitating toward the economy of breaking pretty much even after spending all that "sin" money.
If I go sober, then I accumulate the 90 bucks a week that I would otherwise spend; nothing new there...

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