Saturday, December 19, 2015

Friday The 18th

Friday, I woke up totally broke and decided that I would use my free all day pass to take the trolley into the Quarter to see if I could spot Tim the violinist, who is buying my amp from me and who said that he had texted me a couple days prior about giving me 40 bucks towards it.
I lost my phone and never got the text.
Louise, who stayed at my place for 10 days thought that I was angry at her because I hadn't returned her texts.
Now it is Saturday night.
26 Dollar Friday
I was relieved to have made 26 bucks last night.
It was cold.
I had woken up broke and gone into the Quarter looking for Tim, the guy who owes me money.
I didn't find him, but I ran across Paul, who used to play with Doreen's Jazz Band.
He was in a coffee house and told me that he no longer played with Doreen, and that he was moving out of New Orleans in a couple weeks. He asked me what I had thought about St. Augustine, Florida.
He was considering moving there but was concerned about the "high crime rate" there.
I assured him that the statistics in that category were skewed by the fact that the police are on a mission there to eradicate the homeless problem by arresting as many as they can for whatever they can, and that makes the city look like it has a crime problem.
The city has a "friendly to the homeless" problem. There are so many shelters and organizations that show up in the parks to offer the homeless buffet meals that the word has gotten out around the nation of skeezers and in a city of 25 thousand, there are listed almost 2,000 homeless people on the unofficial tally -the one that was calculated based upon how many "free phones for the homeless" were given out by certain organizations with government ties.
It was cold yesterday (Friday) and, after having talked with Paul for about an hour in the coffee house, he advised me to just take the night off.
I got back to my place and was packed up and ready to go by about 8 PM. I had the all day trolley pass, and so had nothing to lose by going into the Quarter flat broke; I could always come back on the thing..,.,
I was able to set up and, although my lights were dim, get a few people to stop.
One guy actually said that he admired my ingenuity in turning the otherwise dark spot into a venue by hanging my own lights in the vines above me; trained upon the tiposaursus' jar.
I wound up making 26 bucks and only spending about 8 of it; picking up the rest of what I might have spent off of Bourbon Street in the form of once sipped margaritas and half smoke butts laying everywhere.
In the morning, I was happy to have found a Christmas card from my mother, along with 50 bucks inside, and now, I go out to play in an hour or so, not worrying about the little details like, am I going to have to walk home if I don't make a dime.

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