Thursday, December 31, 2015

Good Eye, Harold!!

Louise hates Wael and Anna, because they set up and play loudly right across the street from her; and she is then unable to give tarot card readings without giving the "prophecies" at the top of her lungs.
Louise told me that she was pretty sure that the two were in this country illegally and she was planning upon going to INS and launching an investigation into the pair.
I gave them a heads up the other night.
Wael assured me that he had been born in this country and Anna proffered her green card to calm me down.
They make pretty decent money and probably won't be asking me let them crash at my place, but I'm sure at least one interesting recording would be spawned by that arrangement.
My only ties with Louise now involves the cat Harold, which I waffle upon keeping or not.
She ostensibly gave me 10 bucks as a down payment on him (I guess that would mean that she had given me zero for letting her crash at my place) and she still talks about picking him up.
The cat avoids her when she shows up.
When she came to get the last of her stuff, the cat was clawing at the door in order to go outside.
The first couple nights that L. was here, I almost became jealous of the way the cat seemed to only want to sleep on the couch with her and never came into my room.
After a few days, the cat showed up on the bed with me and pretty much slept within a claws reach of me.
Louise had complained that the cat no longer liked her.
I thought, at the time, that it was because I would play games with the cat where he would try to bite my fingers and would (gently) bite and scratch me; kind of play fighting.
Louise offered the thing none of that and would scold it as soon as it "attacked" her hand.
I later began to think that the wild instincts ingrained in the animal had triggered it to get the hell away from Louise, revealing almost human level intuition in the thing.
Good eye, Harold!

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alex carter said...

Hahaha! OK long story I'll try to make short and will fail in doing so: I was playing trumpet and gradually making what I do at my "day" job. OK, fine. Then, I decided I wanted to "woodshed" and withdrew from public playing, and spent hours at a time playing and buzzing my mouthpiece. I did this for a couple-few months, and then I got sick. Some kind of cold, but compounded with inhaling smoke from some rather bad brushfires that were not all that far away - the air quality was shit. I'd returned the rental trumpet I'd been playing by this time and acquired a couple of used cornets (shorter version of the trumpet).

I put all the trumpet/cornet stuff I had on Craig's List and got no calls, nothing. Then a guy called yesterday, interested in one of the mouthpieces I had, but kinda interested in everything. OK, I get the stuff all out and the conclusion is, the guy buys two cornets, a bunch'a books, some mouthpieces, for $300. OK good gone. Well, in the process of showing the guy (and his son) that the cornet is a great instrument (a lie, by the way) I blew some difficult bugle calls, and on one mouthpiece designed to blow very high notes, I blew some of those high notes.

OK so the guy's gone, I've got 3 hundys stashed away, and I'm left with a (very very very good) trumpet reinforced gig bag and a standard trumpet mouthpiece. Everything I've read or been told tells me that since I've been sick, and not practiced, I should be shit on the horn. But I'd done those bugle calls ... I took the mouthpiece I still had and blew "I Follow The Waterfront" by Louis Armstrong, and it's all fine. Hm!

So the upshot is, I'm returning the rental sax I've not been playing and getting a trumpet again, and getting back out there. And the trumpet is great for blasting at random religious ranters, obnoxious Tarot card readers and whatnot.