Thursday, January 7, 2016

3 Day Juice Fast

  • Days Sober: 3
  • Days Off From Busking: 2
  • Howard Gone
  • I Run Into Johnny B.

I hadn't really gotten to that "physically weak, spiritually strong," feeling last (Wednesday) night as I neared my third day without a drop of alcohol.
I am marking the "days" at about 2 AM each morning, as that was about the time, last Monday morning, that I ran out to the store to spend the last of my money on one last pretty much unnecessary beer, in an attempt to get it through my head, when I woke up broke and hung over the next morning, that the drinking had to stop.
That worked.
Only making 6 cents Monday night was a blessing in disguise.
I took Tuesday and last night off, as the temperatures and the reports coming back from the Quarter of it being "a ghost town" were the same as on the 6 cent Monday.
Howard Gone
Howard has vanished abruptly, after telling me about a week ago that his stepfather had passed away, and to his surprise, left he and his sister the proceeds from the sale of his condo. I guess the condo sold, and I can only estimate, based upon average real estate prices that Howard must have come into oh, at least 80 thousand bucks; assuming that it was a tiny, run down condo; and upwards of who knows how much if it was a nice one.
He had his stuff all in boxes and his fish out of its aquarium and in a baggie of water. He told me that he had to invest the money within a year or they would "tax the hell out of it."
That gave him some time to think, but apparently he only thought for a few days (unless he had seen the money coming a long time ago; maybe even as long ago as when we were homeless together here and in Baton Rouge and I couldn't understand how he could while away his life reading books as if trying to pass time for the rest of his life -he may have been waiting for the place to sell...)
Out of time got to go.

Next: I get a new tiposaurus...

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