Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Howard, I Know Where To Look

  • 30 Dollar Monday
  • 38 Dollar Tuesday
  • Days Sober: 15
  • Quarter Mile Time: 2:07
  • Back Pain
  • Howard Makes Contact
I had gotten back from busking at the unusually early hour of about midnight, after having started playing at about 9:30 until about 11 PM and netting what turned out to be 38 bucks.
The last 10 dollars came from a couple who stopped as I was playing "Blackbird," by The Beatles. I had already packed up my stuff, as the temperature had dropped into the mid 40's, and the guy threw the 10 on top of my case. No tiposaurus nor spotlight were in use. It seems like I can do no wrong when I play sober.
The previous night, I had made 30 bucks, a good portion of it coming from a guy named Jason, who is a computer programmer who wants to get out of that profession and also wants to hike the Appalachian trail.
We were able to compare notes, as I once worked in computers, but got out of the trade, to follow my bliss elsewhere...winding up in New Orleans (hot on the trail of my bliss).
I got a 24 hour bus pass yesterday afternoon, went to the Music Exchange to find that it was closed and had flowers and R.I.P. notes to the owner of the place plastered all over the front window.
I managed to get strings at the French Market for 5 bucks (the price for "locals," said the guy who works that particular kiosk).
Retrieving Howard From The Wild, one year ago..
I had planned upon getting up early this morning and using the same pass to go over to Algiers, where I would conduct a search for Howard, starting at the library and hitting all the little stores nearby it.
None of them would know where his house is located, but I could have left notes with them.
I stayed up all night, and was about to embark, when the security girl at the front desk handed me a note from Howard, telling me that he would meet me Sunday to watch the Patriots and Broncos playoff game at the Mexican restaurant where we have made our traditional spot for watching Superbowls and playoff games.
I just need to check that the game is Sunday, and not Saturday, as I had thought that it was. Either way, I will show up there whenever it is, expecting Howard to do the same.
I want to ask him about his house, and his situation in general.
Pretty soon, I want to be fishing for catfish over on that side of the river. Perhaps Howard will give me his address and invite me to see the place.
I imagine that the deal was facilitated by whomever his friends are, over there. All I know about them is that they take him to church each Sunday and then feed him a meal, and had been doing so for a while; dating back to when he lived in a tent by the river.   
Back Pain
 I have periodically had a stiff neck, usually after eating a bunch of soy sauce, and it has come back recently and settled into my upper back, beneath the right shoulder blade.
Given my current diet, I can only suspect that it might be the large amounts of caffeine or something in the energy drinks that is causing it. A hot shower relieves it; though it has been coming back (excuse the pun). I have some yoga stretches that help a bit, too, but I hope that I don't need neck surgery and wonder if medicaid would even cover that...

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Alex said...

You might want to start paying attention to sodium, which soy sauce has a ton of. The amount of walking and fasting you do are keeping you fit, but the American high salt diet is not healthy, especially for us older guys.