Thursday, January 21, 2016

Wednesday Night Off

I took Wednesday night off, having stayed up Tuesday morning until noon, and then woken up still tired; gone back to sleep; woken up again to debate whether or not it was too late to go out and play, and finally deciding to just drink coffee and get some writing done on my laptop.
I felt very guilty; as if I were shirking my responsibility; and I imagined being out there in this unseasonably warm weather; playing well and sober, making good money, and perhaps being visited by Jason, the computer programmer who wants to quit his job and hike the Appalachian Trail.
He hadn't come by Tuesday, but I imagined him coming by Wednesday, to tell me that he had meant to come by but hadn't made it.
It is Thursday, and it is still early (4:37 PM).
I now run to the store for a can of cat food, and maybe some herb, the acquisition of which will propel me towards the Lilly Pad with haste.
The have forecast "severe" thunderstorms for today and tonight, yet not a drop has fallen so far.

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