Friday, January 22, 2016

It's The Hat That They Hate

It's the hat that they hate;
they hate the hat
They hate the hat
and that is that
18 Days Sober
They just can't bear it
whenever I wear it
It is brown, and I don it
But they all frown upon it
Their hatred of hats; I don't share it
They're hat haters,
with hat hating ways
They all hate hats
It's a hat hating craze
The hat is hated by them
But I'm going to defy them
I'm still going to wear it
although they can't bear it
and If I find other hats; I'll try them

No Busking
It is Friday night, and it is very cold and windy outside.
It is probably, but not necessarily, too cold to busk. I do warm up considerably, once I start playing.
The last time I played, the temperature was about 45 degrees, and I was down to wearing just a tee shirt, after about a half hour of playing.

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