Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Rearranged The Furniture, I Did...

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I have posted a video to facebook, which was basically me grabbing the guitar and messing around with a song that I always do kind of sarcastically. It is a recent addition to the set list and a work in progress.
But, I couldn't post it here because it exceeded the limit of 100 Megabytes, by 55 Megabytes. It was 4 minutes and 3 seconds long and shot with the built in camera of my 149 dollar laptop, but using the Snowball microphone and can't be that high a resolution to eat up a lot of space in this high definition world that we live in.
Moving Time?
To cut to the chase...
The Red Carpet Is A New Addition...
 A guy in the computer room; another resident who plugs his own laptop into the connections in the computer room and who seems to have some cyber savvy; suggested that I move this blog to some other site which offers unlimited space for such things and that has a functionality somewhere between a blog and a website.
The fact that the site offers "templates" means that, unlike a plain website, it comes along with a tool which basically makes creating a blog a cinch.
So, I am mulling over moving this blog to that site.
The caveats would be:
I would have to redirect visitors to that blog from this one.
I get thousands of hits through my association with Google and Blogger in tandem -billions of people Googling all kinds of things and landing on my blog.
I could always make sure that my blog on the new site would be highly visible to Google, through using keywords and meta tag in the description so that anyone Googling "busking" or that and "New Orleans" at the same time would be steered in the direction of the blog...
My biggest concern is that whoever runs this other website that "basically offers free web sites and has no limit on the size of files that you can upload" will be around as long as Google.
Will my blog be available for my great grandchildren to read, or will they get a message telling them that the new company went out of business a hundred years ago and deleted all of their content.
Other than that; it is time to leave the computer room but not before posting a few pictures...


Alex said...

Isn't SoundCloud or something viable? I say,don't fuck with what works.

I'm seriously considering getting the fuck away from this pop stand. I've done the mainland, done it to death. Im about to go back home to be a white nigger in Hawaii.

Daniel McKenna said...

Do the whites stick together in Hawaii, like would a white guy help another honkey out with a place to crash and a job working alongside other white guys; the way the Latinos do?