Tuesday, February 2, 2016

There goes the trolley; another one; my pass is good until 9:30 as that was the time that I had finally drug myself out of here at and bought the 24 hour pass.

I now go to run the quarter mile.

I have a feeling that it is actually 5 yards longer than a quarter mile, as I have paced it off, using steps that I had pretty much memorised in my muscles to be one yard long. If if just take "big steps," I have found that after treading the length of a football field, I will be within a yard of my 100th step.

I am pretty sure that my course is within ten yards definitely, of a quarter mile. The fact that I ran in at an 8:20 per mile pace yesterday, at 2:06.96 also tells me that I am not far off, and the cities infrastructure i.e. how many yards apart street blocks and lots of real estate, etc. are also offer me clues for measuring my course. If 2 blocks register as 196 yards after me pacing it off, then it is a good bet that I can round the figure to 200 yards, because why would planners cordon off 196 yard blocks of turf when 200 would be so much easier to work with; come tax time. But, then again this is New Orleans and they may have been using a "Louisiana Territory Block Unit, (BTBU)" back then, which happened to be 196 yards long.

I go to run now; the following text will be from after I return with something to eat from the Ideal Market, and with an energy drink coursing through my veins and preparing to go into the Quarter, utilizing the 24 hour pass.

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Alex said...

Speaking as someone who was purpose-designed to be an artist, your "cat wrecking things" images are pure gold. Keep it up!