Tuesday, April 26, 2016

$850 A Month Busking

  • 50 Dollar Sunday
  • Monday Off
  • 13 Dollar Tuesday

It is Tuesday night, and I took Monday night off, hoping to catch up on sleep and be up bright and early to go to Wal-Mart and get a plant light, and look for a certain ink pen that I like, which has the only 1.6 mm. gage ball that I have ever seen on a pen and which is marketed as "bold," by the Bic people.
They have been very hard to find and actually one of the reasons that I consider getting some kind of prepaid VISA so that I can order the pens online.

I am sitting on over 100 dollars, and the 1% jar is current back to March 13th, 2016.

I just want to sit and stew and plot and plan rather than "recklessly" go out and buy things that might be able to wait until after the laptop is replaced before their acquisition.

I caught up on sleep by sleeping most of this (Tues)day, and now it is time to consider going out to busk, hoping to add 30-35 bucks to my laptop fund.

Of course, I am at the stage now where, for just x amount more, I can get a "better" laptop.

I have almost an advantage in the fact that I have no need to play 3-Dimensional games in virtual space, and that "yesterday's" technology will run the Audacity studio as well, from my perspective, as the laptop that is 100 bucks more...

Besides, who want's to hear my crappy music even clearer ?!? LOL!!!!

So, at this point, I have enough for a laptop, but I don't want to go a week without food, with lightbulbs burning out leaving me groping in the dark for toilet paper that isn't there; just so I can replace the laptop at the very soonest; because, with a new laptop to occupy me, I'm sure my busking hours are going to shrink.

Then, I will have the task in front of me of getting the stuff off my defunct laptop's drive and onto the new machine; so that I can have access to the last year's production of music, for one thing...

Sitting On A Hundred Bucks

I am back from making 13 bucks Tuesday night, rather than the 30 to 35 that I wanted to add to my laptop fund.

I am going to be more patient about the laptop and really try to find a not too used one, maybe another Toshiba Satellite, because I am familiar with it.

I need razors, toothpaste, a plant light, potting soil, bold ball point pens, some kind of tape to put on the back of a jigsaw puzzle that I completed, so that I can hang it on the wall as art....off to Wal-Mart, with my guitar and pack on me, so I can go straight to busking afterwards...I can get the heavy bag of potting soil in the morning from the neighborhood store....


Alex said...

A Windows 7 Dell Latitude seems to be a win, mine cost me $200 and I'm sure you can find one around there for the same or a bit less. 5-hour battery life and a really good machine; I'm surprised by how good it is.

Indeed, your music is awful so *clearar* would be no help. Really, you ought to be putting it onto audio tapes and selling "cool tapes" when you busk, people will buy them for the novelty of having a real (now vintage tech) audio tape.

Music India said...

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