Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Earlier The Better

It's only a quarter past 6 PM, and I am about to step outside, call Lilly as I walk to the trolley, and then arrive before 7 PM at the Lilly Pad.

Last night, after spending about 40 bucks, 17 of it at Wal-Mart (bold writing pens, plant light, toothpaste, energy drink, peanut butter, jelly) I made it to the Lilly Pad at 11 PM, to observe that the same accordion player and his same sign holding girlfriend were, not on Lilly's stoop, where they had passed out the last time, allowing me to play while they slept for 3 hours and make good money, but were about 30 feet down from my spot on the other side, in between me and Lafitt's Blacksmith Shop Tavern.

This is a spot that Lilly was able to run another group away from about 6 months ago, by threatening to call the owner of that bar, after the (guitar player with a tambourine on his foot playing) guy had told her that she didn't own the sidewalk.

I kept this card up my sleeve, as it was 11 PM on a Wednesday night. There were people out, and there were at least 3 good hours of playing.

I would make more than the semi skilled accordion player sitting in the dark, but that isn't really the point. The point is that Lilly is trying to afford me an opportunity to make a living, and she feels that I thus have the right to fight for the spot.

She came out of her house just as I had arrived and set up my spotlight. At that time the guy wasn't playing, but, as soon as I had illuminated my area, he began to moan out a melody.
"I could go tell them to move," said Lilly.
"No," said Chantilly, who suggested that I just play under the spotlight. where I used to.
"No, there isn't that much left in the night, I'll just get here earlier tomorrow," I said.
"Yeah, get here earlier," said Lilly.

It is 6:27 PM, and I am off for the spot.

I am keeping Lilly and the owner of the bar up my sleeve, but am not ruling out retrieving Johnny B. from Royal Street at about midnight, when it will be dying off, and asking him if he wants to do an "unplugged" set at the Lilly Pad, and then the two of us being well lit and just drowning the guy out.
Johnny would also be able to take things to the next, or, "New York busker on methadone treatment" level, should things get dicey.

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