Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Week Of Jazzfest Weekend Leaves Me Weakened

It is crunch time; this is where the rubber meets the road, when the going gets tough the tough get going; I'm behind the 8 ball, back against the wall and up against it....fighting an uphill battle with my work cut out for me, it's time to put up or shut up, and it's time to rock and roll.

I just spent 50 bucks on a harmonica; 5 on a new set of strings, and had bought an all day bus pass in order to facilitate it.

Now, my laptop fund is down to about 8 bucks, but I am geared with the apparatus which was making me 30 bucks an hour during the last "fest," the French Quarter Festival, and now the time has arrived for another fest. It is Jazzfest weekend, here in New Orleans.

I walked Royal Street on my way back from the music store, and saw every corner occupied by performers, and thanked God for the Lilly Pad....

I have also started to mix a bit of dry food in with the canned stuff that I have been feeding Harold, my cat; so it is crunch time for him, too.

8 Dollar Wednesday

It was a weird Wednesday night.

I left for the Quarter earlier than I have in a long time.

After getting off the trolley, earlier than I have in a long time, I struck up a conversation with a guy who turned out to be "Hutch," from Blacksburg, Virginia.

I guess the conversation was interesting enough to keep him alongside of me all the way to the Lilly Pad (9 blocks) where I played the new strings on the guitar along with the new harmonica, much to his apparent enjoyment.

He kept asking me if he was hurting my business by hanging around.

I told him that it was still early and I wasn't missing out on much.

Had he thrown me just 5 bucks after hanging around for about 20 minutes, I probably would have been ahead of the game, but he threw a single dollar in the jar to go with the 2 of my own that I had used to seed it.

That was the story of the night. The Marine Band "1893" harp in the key of C sounds great; and I am taking the "breaking in" instructions very seriously this time. I even had a glass of ice water to rinse my mouth out after sipping off the Red Bull that Hutch had gotten for me out of Lafitt's; so that no sugary residue would find its way to the reeds.

I'm not surprised that I made only 8 bucks after having spent almost all my money that day.
There is some kind of cosmic law that influences that phenomenon.
What I'm waiting for now is a night so good that I will think to myself: "...and I was worrying about a measly 50 dollar harmonica?!?..."

It is Thursday now, and one day closer to Jazzfest Weekend.

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