Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sacred Heart Intuition

A pretty much harmonica-less Monday night yielded $34 after about 2 hours of playing.
I had to lean on originals that I am still composing but have some verses for already.
One guy threw a 20 in the jar; helping me to avert a 14 dollar outing.

The laptop savings jar is now around $82, which gives me an idea.

Last night, I lent 5 bucks to a couple of other residents in the building that I have gotten to know and trust.
They are both disabled, both get checks on the first of the month, and have paid me back (with interest) in my former dealings with them.
The lady, whom I will call "Rose," had repeatedly assured me that they were "good for it," when borrowing the 5 bucks, and indeed, I think their combined "disability" checks are close to 2 grand a month, and who knows what kind of rabbit from a hat trick they are able to do with their lease; so it shouldn't be a problem getting my 45 back in about 11 days now.

And this is probably about the time that I will be ready to buy a new laptop, and so the 80 bucks in my jar is really not "working" for me; just sitting there, waiting for another 50 or so to be thrown on top of it.

I have busked every one of the past 10 nights.

It has taken a week to save the $80, but I really need to whittle it down with the purchase of a new harmonica.

The next time I see Rose, and if she should reiterate her promise to pay me back, I might mention that the money came out of savings that I wasn't going to need it until around the first of the month, and then add that I only have around 80 bucks and am going to need another 50 in order to replace the laptop.

I am willing to bet that, before the end of the month, an offer will be made to borrow the 80 and pay me back 100. Call it "Sacred Heart Intuition."


Alex said...

"Neither a borrower nor a lender be" - Some fat old guy who invented the Franklin stove and ... lightning.

Daniel McKenna said...

Yes, because your debtors will come to resent you, and begin to wish that they had you "off their back" when it is really their own debt that they wish they had off their back after they were more than willing to take the loan in the first place...it ties in to the whole root of all evil thing.
They might think that I had set a snare for them by offering them ready funds in their moment of weakness when they were dying to spend it on something that they really shouldn't have, and had they not had the money they would have gone without; and been better off, considering that Bill wound up spilling the whole bottle of Crown Royal on the couch, or something equally "Sacred Heart"
I guess Ben didn't like people ducking him on the street...

Alex said...

Sounds like you have a handle on it. Plus, lending money you can't afford to lose makes things 10X worse.