Monday, April 18, 2016

Don't Burry Me Yet

Laptop On Back Burner
$34 Saturday
$11 Sunday

The difference between Friday and Saturday nights take home pay from busking, and last (Sunday) night's, turned out to be the single tips of 20 dollars each that came on those former nights.
After having exhausted all of my harmonicas by the end of Sunday night, (and knocking off early, rather than continue with just guitar and vocal), I have decided to be patient about my long term goal of replacing my laptop with something like the:
  • $117.00
    Was: $123.16
  • Buy It Now
  • Free shipping that I have found after less than 2 minutes of searching on E-Bay.
It is for a Dell "Latitude," running Windows 7, and has a "DVD burner," which is something that my current machine never had from the git-go.

My jar hit the amount of $88 after Saturday night, but is back to about $65, as I ponder going out to busk on a Monday night, minus a harmonica.

E-Commerce And The Necessity of Some Sort Of Plastic Card

It is a sign of the times that, in order for me to use my money most efficiently, I will have to purchase a debit card for around 5 dollars, then watch the balance on it shrink by another 5 dollars within 36 hours of the time that I "activate," it; and then, go from there.

I need to ask around a bit about which card to get.

It would allow me to send away for guitar strings at the price of $2.50 per pack from "Musicians Friend," rather than pay $9.80 per set at the music store in town, for example.....

I just don't want to get stuck with a card that I will have to buy my way out of continuing to hold, somewhere in the future....or have $4.99 taken as a monthly fee for the rest of my life, burying me in debt....

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Alex said...

Buy a gift card, there are used laptops on Amazon for instance, or find a used laptop on Craig's List locally, all cash and generally you can get a good one as long as your bullshit filter's operating correctly. Dell Latitudes are all over the place. Dell made it his business to undercut IBM. It sounds like you found either the same one I have or one that's close.