Saturday, April 16, 2016

Work On Quality

I got to the Lilly Pad pretty late, again last (Friday) night.

I left with just trolley fare on me and spent my ride home money on an energy drink.

The busking was OK, I made $34 in about 2 hours, knocking off at 1:30 AM.

I discovered the limitations of the harmonica that I was using and resolved to get a new one, even if it sets back the plans to get a new laptop.

I'm not in a super hurry to replace the laptop. I feel that, ironically, I become a better musician when I have no way to record the results; maybe because I am "void of all attachments" in that situation, or something equally mystical sounding.

And, I agree with one reader who had basically suggested something I paraphrase as: Work on the quality of your music so that others will want to record it; rather than working on recording your music.

I'm on a better sleep schedule now, as I am not staying up 24 hours at a time working on things on the laptop. A newspaper and a bit of reading, and I am off to sleep hours earlier than I would be had the thing been functional and had I decided to pore over the "Dictionary of Idioms" off my hard drive or something equally diverting and time consuming.

I have about 60 bucks in a jar, independent of the "1% Jar" (which is current to about a month ago), and this amount has been rising a bit more and falling a bit less over recent time.
Busking every day of the week, if only for 2 hours on a given day, has seemed to tip the scales in favor of being able save money.

It is too late to get a new harmonica before playing tonight.
I was out on Canal Street, hanging out with David the water jug player, until after the last trolley had run. I got in at about 4:30 AM.


Alex said...

I don't know if you're paraphrasing me, probably not. But what I suggest is, play well enough that the rich and connected will film (film? really?) and you go viral on youtube.

Alex said...

BTW if you get a line on a Dell Latitude, grab it - it's Dell's competition to the IBM thinkpad, pretty much the gold standard.