Thursday, April 14, 2016

Things Starting To Snowball

$45 Wednesday ($36/hr.)

With a 60% chance of rain looming, I got on the street car at almost 11 PM, thinking that I would play for a couple hours at the Lilly Pad, rather than stay in the apartment, drinking coffee, reading the newspaper, and opening up my laptop with the screwdriver that I had gotten.
All that was left sitting and waiting for me, giving me something to look forward to, as I made my way out.
I brought 7 dollars with me, leaving 8 in a jar at home.
I texted Lilly at 11 PM: "Sending my love; I am going to try to play some before it rains."
I got to the Unique Grocery Store, where, before I went in, I encountered a middle aged white guy who was standing nearby a black guy and who asked: "Do you have a lighter?"

"Yes," I said.

"Can I buy it from you for 5 bucks?"

"Sure," I said.

The black guy started to say: "Why you wanna give him 5 bucks when you can go in there and buy a new one for..."

And, the guy stopped him by saying: "It's alright," or something.

It was his way of supporting a street musician and getting a lighter in the process. I could see that; but the (skeezer, I'm assuming) didn't get it.

"Thanks," I said, pocketing the 5. "I'm not sure I'm gonna make anything tonight if it starts raining..."

I checked my phone, while walking down Royal Street. There was a message from Lilly.
The only text showing was: "Please do," which I thought was encouragement from her to play for a while before it rained.
Clicking on the full text, though, revealed: Please don't get caught in the rain, tonight is a bad night, you should stay in...(I'm paraphrasing)

I played for only 1 hour and 15 minutes and netted 45 bucks, to go with the profits from the sale of my lighter.

One couple of guys had stopped while I was playing "People Are Strange," by The Doors.

They started to sing along, and then one began to shoot video on his phone, while the other assumed a position by my side (close enough so that I was bumping him with each strum) and sang along.

They threw 20 dollars in my jar, which I quickly pocketed.

One of them asked: "Is this a good spot?" which seemed like an oxymoron (or something) as he had just tipped me the 20.

I explained that I was not at a particularly "dangerous" spot, unless you factor in the danger of someone snatching the 20 and running away with it.

As the video rolled, after they had asked for "more Doors," the guy next to me started to improvise lyrics over the "Light My Fire," chords that I was playing (substituting blank my blank for the original lyrics).

He must have thought that they were risque, as he kept glancing left and right nervously before singing them.

To demonstrate to him that "risque" is a relative term and that he needed not feel embarrassed, I jumped in and finished one of his lines, with something Bourbon Street appropriate, which brought laughter and another 10 dollar bill, which was handed to me, with the advice: "Here, put this in your pocket, too."

Answer To Comment

From Alex In California

You keep a cig tucked behind your ear, or a pack with cig or three in it in your pocket or rolled up shirt sleeve.

the cigs are prepared:

Take a horsehair and stick it into the cig so the 2nd or 3rd puff in, YUK!
Where ever am I going to find horse hair?


Alex said...

Come on man you've got horses and mules all over, just look at the ground, on fences and stuff. It'll be all over. Or ask, the owner of a horse or mule will be combing their tail and they'll have some hair around.

Daniel McKenna said...

Um, the joke was that there is Tanya holding a bow of horsehair, right in front of my nose...hee hee

Alex said...

And loose hairs come off all the time, so yeah tanya can supply you.