Thursday, May 26, 2016

If You Believe In Spirits

  • $49.50 Wednesday
  • $21.00 Thursday
  • Air Conditioner Now Working (cat no longer meowing to get out of hot apartment at night)

Wednesday night, I went out to busk.

I think that busking has become a main source of human interaction for me. I really can't count my local encounters with skeezers as "human interaction" (never mind "human embracement").

It was about 10:30 when I arrived at the Lilly Pad, and, since I didn't have a cigarette, I walked up to the bar and offered a guy 30 cents for one of his Parliaments.

I wound up taking the guitar and harmonica out and getting tipped 45 bucks from them (and a cigarette) as I played about 3 songs and chatted in between. That was before I had even sat down at the Lilly Pad, where I made only another $4.50 in the next hour. But, I had the luxury of doing whatever music I wanted, knowing that I was already almost 50 bucks ahead on a Wednesday night.
"No thanks, I don't drink!"

I had been offered drinks a couple of times and had told the story of my being about 140 days sober, which evoked a handshake and, I'm pretty sure, at least half of the tip money.

This was a more clearly cut case of someone supporting a musician who is staying sober so that he can pour more energy into his craft; as opposed to the times that money comes pouring in after I am tempted to drink but don't; coming from people who would have no way of knowing that that had happened; leading me to wonder if they are spirits, like angels or whatever Leslie Thompson is not.

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alex carter said...

An instrument you might try just for shits and giggles is the pennywhistle or "Irish whistle" it sounds better than that orinoco (now you've got me doing it) um, ocarina, and even a really decent one like a Generations, made in England, costs $10 and there are no reeds to gum up and jam, not valves to oil, no strings to replace. Books on how to play these are all over the place, and all in all it's a lot of music out of a little tube with holes in it.