Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Should We Not Learn From Them

I've found that the "mild depression" that I often suffer from can be assuaged by thinking about traveling up to New England, fuelled by busking, this coming summer.
Hopefully, I would see:
My Mom and sister. My brother, along with my sister-in-law, Melissa and my 3 (or is it 4, now) nieces.
My friends, Hubert Borg (about which "Hubert's Trip" is written) Dave Veautour (whom I last saw in 2009 when he visited St. Augustine, Fl)  Ted Broughey (who lives in Boston, which is potentially my last busking stop along the way) and probably Ben Lambie who would have just returned from visiting me here.
Somehow I have started to see the matter of my apartment as being one of those forks in the road in life where the choice is to either move on towards adventure or to sit around waiting to die.
I might go back to a more nomadic life, even sleeping outside a lot, yet, try to maintain the apartment -best of both worlds, kinda...
I just had the air conditioner in the place looked at by maintenance and the temperature has dropped from 80 degrees, where it had hovered the past 2 weeks, to about 68 now. Even Harold the cat had been scratching at the door to go outside the past few nights to get out of the sweltering heat.
I have taken the past couple nights off.
I am kind of tired of busking. It only takes a string of 2 or 3 lousey money nights to tire of it.
I will probably go out this (Wednesday) night, even though I haven't slept much with the air conditioner repair guy coming in, and now being up blogging about not sleeping because I am up blogging...
The American History book that I am reading is really putting a lot of things into perspective for me and helping me to see this world that we live in in some context.
Too bad that, when American History was first foisted upon me in high school, I just wasn't set up to grasp it. Then, it seemed like a bunch of data to memorize and then reproduce on tests. It seemed irrelevant, even after the teacher's opening day speech about "Why do we study history?" I just didn't think then, that we were doomed to repeat the roaring 20's should we not to learn from them...


alex carter said...

I thought you were going to set up some sort of recording studio, and make and sell CDs?

Earlier, you were going to work through the Mel Bay guitar method...?

I can understand the allure of the road though.

Daniel McKenna said...

Well, I can set up the new laptop and plug in the Snowball at the brim of the Grand Canyon and get some cool echo, for example, and then come back to the studio to add stuff, mix it down, and burn CD's
The Mel Bay, I just thought about yesterday; just like the American History I think I could get a hell of a lot more out of those books now, given my exposure to all this music here...and that would have to be done inside (at least a woodshed)

alex carter said...

Another thing you can do is sneak into practice rooms. I sneak into the practice rooms at the local college and I mean, who sneaks *into* practicing, right? So I must be a student. Those are pretty quiet inside.