Monday, June 20, 2016

Be Grateful That You Aren't Less Grateful

I've been battling mild depression, lately.
4 Years ago I had evacuated to Baton Rouge during the slow season
Part of it has to do with the stiff muscles that I have had in my neck and back. It seems that they are tense, even when I sleep, which bleeds energy and keeps me from going into the deepest sleep.
But, I have just been reading posts from this blog dated 4 years ago.
4 years has been enough time to allow me to wax nostalgic, when reading them.

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to read that, 4 years ago on this day in June, I had rusty strings on the the guitar and was so broke that I didn't even have enough for bus fare and was considering walking the 7 miles to the rail yard to hop a train out of here. How soon we forget.

I also had Sue the Colombian lady in my life then, whom I miss now.

It is Monday, and rather than go out hoping to make more than 10 dollars for a few hours of playing, I am going to stay in.
My guitar is missing a string...
But Sue hadn't wanted to come with me...

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