Saturday, July 16, 2016

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I still think as skinny as you are, you don't need to do any fasting and if you're following the advice of anyone on Facebook, you're following the advice of a bunch of dietary kooks.

If you were getting out there now, you'd have the people who remember you from last year and those $50 days again.
-A reader's comment.
I Break Fast With Breakfast

This is a good topic inspiring comment from yesterday.

I feel better now than I have in months, and am typing without a pinching pain below my right shoulder blade.
But, I had been feeling dour before I juiced 4 carrots, cucumber, tomato, parsley, lime, Serrano pepper, sprinkled the result with salt and garlic powder, and drank it. It gave me plenty of busking energy, (to make 8 dollars in 2 ½ hours) and I only had a slight pang of hunger when I stopped to spend 72 cents (my total for the day) on cat food and looked at the baked chicken (ridiculous after a water fast) and then at the broccoli and cauliflower (ridiculously expensive @ $7/pound) and then at the water (ridiculous to tote it 2 miles in my backpack when the water right down the street is composed of the same molecular formula).

The Monster In My Stomach

The biggest cravings that I had on the 5th day of the fast were for things like a banana nut muffin. When I was in Whole Foods, there to buy a watermelon infused water, which was cracking the fast, if not breaking it; I walked through the bakery area and envisioned a banana nut muffin, cracked open and steaming with a pad of real butter melting in it and something else like a spattering of super rich fruit spread; and I think that was one of the strongest longings for food that I had ever had in my life; I was not very hungry, having started to lose my appetite, as my body switched to burning its fat, so I didn't buy a muffin. But...

When I had gotten to the "express" lane with my infused water, one of the cashiers called out that she was open. I went and bought the water. Written on a white sheet of paper affixed to a clipboard that hung at her register was the announcement that this week's item that is on sale is "banana nut muffins," I kid you not.

I Weigh Less; Way Less

About my weight, it was 130 pounds, according to a scale that was among the items for sale at the Goodwill that I was at, where I bought the Yoga book.
This was down 11 from where I had started.

At 141, I felt like I wanted to put on 5 pounds, but that I wanted it to be muscle, not fat. 
Coming across the scale and the yoga book and dreaming about muffins and then seeing a sign about them illustrates the one aspect of fasting that answers the question of "Why fast?"

Either you start to see the world through more enlightened eyes, -and it might be a physical manifestation of the starving body keeping its eyes open (looking for food) its ears open (listening for food) etc. or the world actually changes and through a quantum science that we don't understand, 40 bucks appears on the sidewalk and you are able to see signs and portents everywhere, meant just for that you're enlightened enough to see it....
Some skinniness evident in today's photo

I would say, dear reader, subsist on water alone for 7 days and tell me what YOU think!

At Least One Kook Has Flown Over...

The Facebook group does indeed include some members whom I would put in the "kook" category in regards to their health.

One guy keeps posting messages that seem to indicate that he is, if not a hypochondriac, then overly obsessed with great health, and experimenting with every fad to come down the pipe; anywhere close to the realm of health; like: "Does anyone know about this magnesium supplement I am taking; the magnesium is paired with chromium and that's supposed to help the heart muscles absorb oxygen. I ordered it online and..."

Soon, another post: "If distilled water has no minerals, then won't it leach the minerals out of you?"
"I have been putting a pyramid shaped crystal prism on my forehead for 20 minutes every evening; It's supposed to dislodge the toxins from the brain at an atomic level. Has anyone else heard or read anything about this? Pleas comment."

Myself; I've been doing "juice only" fasts for many years; doing my first one on apple juice in 1987.

The effect is like that of eating a good meal that cleans you out. It may be sauerkraut, chips and hot salsa, a lot of popcorn, but whatever it is you feel better after eliminating it, to put it gently.

That is a clue; you feel better after you eliminate; to whether or not subsisting on water-alone is right for you!

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alex carter said...

I honestly think the healthiest diet is something along the "paleo" lines, good meat, greens, salads, things like potatoes, oatmeal, nuts, yoghurt, you get the idea. Try to avoid gobs of sugar, things like white bread, processed foods. A little wine is supposed to be OK but in my case 100% abstinence from the sauce seems to be all that will work for me. Likewise the ganja; it's a personal choice - I don't smoke it, the choice is up to you.

Frankly you can just about dumpster-scrounge all you need to eat well where you are. Compared to the 70s or even the 80s it seems we're awash in food.

In my own case I weigh about 150 and while I'm shorter and stockier; more muscular than you are, a lot of it ain't muscle! I let my diet go while I was getting off the sauce and just ate what I feel like, but now it's time to start eating more healthily.