Friday, July 15, 2016

Drink Water; Eat Watermelon

5 days of water-only fasting have brought me to the point where I can feel a positive change, but am too weak to go out and play.
The other people whom I correspond with through the "water-only fasting" group on Facebook have said that it is good to pick a time frame (of 21 days or more) when you can take it easy, lounge around; sip down your 2 liters of water while reading a book or watching a movie; and get plenty of sleep.
That makes me think that water-only fasting might be only for the idle rich.
I have lived almost a week off of the 54 dollar Thursday night that I had last week.
My records indicate that last year at this time I was having some pretty good 50+ dollar nights; but those were helped through good fortune rather than just plain busking. Like the arrival of people who had seen me the year before and were returning on vacation and tipped me well. That is part of New Orleans busking to be sure; the "I'm sure you don't remember me but you played me a song last year when I was here" tips.
I bought a bottle of water "infused" with watermelon and lime and mint and drank it; and it was like food to me.
I might ride my bike down to the Lilly Pad just because it is a Friday night; and because I have a creeping feeling that if I am away too long then someone will try to play at my spot; and even the skeezers on that block will tell them: "There's a guy that plays there regularly; but I haven't seen him in about a week."
I went to the Ideal Market where I felt compelled to buy 4 jumbo mangoes at 69 cents each. They won't be ready to eat for another week, but I couldn't pass up the savings.
Limes were also on sale, 15 for a dollar.

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alex carter said...

I still think as skinny as you are, you don't need to do any fasting and if you're following the advice of anyone on Facebook, you're following the advice of a bunch of dietary kooks.

If you were getting out there now, you'd have the people who remember you from last year and those $50 days again.