Thursday, July 14, 2016

'Twould Make 3 Days Off

Having been weakened by the water fast, but starting to feel the surge of energy that comes when the toxins are out of the body, and there is still some of one's own fat to burn, I am considering going out to busk.

That would mean, though, getting to the French Market within the next couple hours to get strings, put them on and then play for whatever.

Am not sure I am ready to play. My interests have moved towards reading and writing and soaking in the tub in salts.

I most likely won't, unless I just ride by the Lilly Pad to see how many people are out and decide then to play a bit.

Talking About Salt 

I've been going to the Whole Foods market and getting bath salts that are $11.99 per pound.
These mixtures feature things such as Himalayan Pink Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Hawaiian Black Lava (salt) and "botanic" things such a s green tea, lavender, eucalyptus, tee tree, patchouli, mint, etc.
So, I was soaking in the tub and started thinking: "Isn't the NACL (sodium chloride) that they take out of the Dead Sea the same as the sodium chloride that comes from Himalaya, or Hawaii? Am I a fool for paying several dollars for the same thing that shakes out of the big Morton Salt canister that sells for about 89 cents?

I think that is what Jesus was trying to say when he talked about people being the salt of the earth, he might have been referring to the salt in the oceans.

I would guess that "Dead Sea Salt" has got "impurities" in the form of other perhaps "trace" minerals that are abundant in the Dead Sea but maybe very diluted in other oceans.'s just a gimmick to make you think that you are soaking in the same ancient waters that people soaked in thousands of years ago; and there's a mystique about it.
$11.99 a pound's worth of mystique.
The Dead Sea

It is most likely the botanical effusions that are the selling point of the bath salts.

Of course, floating to the top of the bath water is pretty amusing...

The water fast allows me not much more than water.

I haven't had a cigarette in about 24 hours, but I am pretty sure that as soon as I finish typing this, I am going to hop on my bike and go check the ashtrays outside the Holy Ground Bar, for snipes of American Spirit; just to get  a few drags. I guess that means I'm not ready to go out and busk.
Then, I might go check the dollar stores for bath salts with basically the same ingredients as the fancy Whole Foods "organic" salts....


alex carter said...

On the North Shore of Oahu, between Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach, is a lovely place called Shark's Cove. It's a really popular place to swim, take the kids, etc and I spent many a happy afternoon exploring the place as a kid. There are pools eaten into the rock that fill with water when the waves are up, and then evaporate, even in that humid weather, and the surfaces of them get coated with salt, that if you're careful, you can lift off and look through, like a piece of shower-door glass. I used to sit in these pools and have fun with the salt. And these days I see salt kind of like that being sold for big bucks lol. You could literally make your own by taking Morton's salt and putting it in some water and letting it evaporate.

It's all just salt with some dirt in for the minerals. Maybe some little kid farts too you never know.

alex carter said...

At the top, those are the salt evaporation ponds that are only a few miles from me as I type (from a friend's place in Milpitas).

alex carter said...

Remember, kids, use San Francisco bay salt for that essence of hippies!

Daniel McKenna said...

I just got back from the dollar store with a 3 pound bag of Lavender Scented Epsom Salts. $2.50 + tax.
Maybe I can add just a little bit of pink salt, for the iron, which is what makes it pink.
Of course I don't know what makes salt "Epsom," but will Google it.

alex carter said...

Yeah Epsom salt isn't what you put on your dinner.