Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I Have A Dream


I had a dream last night that I was hanging out with Linda Ronstadt and that I drank port wine.

I think that was my mind connecting her resemblance to Karrie, my ex-girlfriend, whom I drank more than a little port with.

In the dream, I knew I was breaking my 180+ days of sobriety, so I must have been hanging out with her in the present; although she was the Linda of 30 years past.

I didn't go out and play; it was about 90 degrees at 9 PM, and I have come to associate those kind of temperatures with streets empty of tourists.

Plus, I have decided to do another juice fast; which might turn into a water fast. I've been reading up on water only fasts; and might try to go a couple of weeks in order to quit smoking to go along with not drinking. Then, I could reasonably expect to live on what I make, plus the food stamp money each month for the near future.

Today, Wednesday is the second day of the heat wave here. I walked the half mile to the store to get Harold the cat a can of food, and myself a gallon of water; and was soaked with sweat upon arriving back at the apartment. I still picked up coffee, even though that might be an additional casualty of the fast. Green tea would be the way to go, along with fresh air, sunshine and meditation.

The jury is still out on marijuana. I know it makes me insecure and prone to hang around the apartment, as if afraid to go out, which makes me later for the Lilly Pad. It inspires me to write down all kinds of ideas; not all of which seem silly and trivial the next morning.

It doesn't appear to effect the amount of money that I make busking; unless you subtract the cost of the weed out of it. I know that I don't sound as good as I do to myself when I am stoned; but sounding good to myself can spur me to continue playing, which is half the battle.

And, I've already blogged about the phenomenon of thinking that I had just played a 25 minute jam when only 8 minutes have gone by. It ultimately might be a desire to be completely "crutch" free that makes me give up weed someday.

Last night's dream is the first one that I have been aware of having in at least a couple of months.
I'm going to try to tune up my health through the water fast; but am not ruling out traveling in such a condition. One doesn't need physical strength when fasting, as one becomes adept at avoiding situations requiring it.


It is almost sundown. I'm going to Google "French Quarter web cams" to see if there are such things that I might be able to check in order to count the number of heads milling about on Bourbon Street to help me decide if I want to strap on my gear and go out there.

No, it's NOT a nice painting; no tourists!!

Of course, I'm in the market for that one person or couple who wants to sit down and talk for a couple hours and who might be in a comfortable position financially.
"Do you want to hop the train and then try to play your way up the coast, I mean, are you looking forward to that kind of adventure, or would you rather just take a bus from here to Boston?"
"I'm just cheap. If I had the money for the bus ticket, I would probably put it in my pocket and then ride the freight train without stressing over whether or not I'll be able to busk in Mobile, or Biloxi, or Pensacola, or Jacksonville, my old stomping ground."
"Well, here's a couple hundred anyways for whatever you decide to do, we enjoyed talking to you and hearing your music..."
Speaking of dreaming...
The Greyhound would be about $150 to go to Boston, so would be a new laptop.


I think I needed to take a break from recording music, and kind of step back from it. I can still hear a lot of hesitance in the recordings that I made before the computer died. Kind of sounds like I still don't want to disturb my neighbors. I almost wish I had someone noisy next to my apartment who was always cranking his stereo, that way it wouldn't feel like I was under a microscope (or a listening device) when doing music that I wouldn't expect most of my neighbors to appreciate.
I've been getting a lot of ideas for stories, lately, and want to put some kind of portfolio together to try to land a writing job; even as an opinion writer for some small local paper somewhere.


But the tension in my neck and upper back and what feels like a tendonitis around my left hip socket kind of came along when I started eating a lot of peanut butter -just about living on it, plus bananas and coconut milk. It gave me more muscle tone, from the protein, I imagine. This current fast should help me isolate it as the cause of the aches, by the process of eliminating it.

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alex carter said...

I just did some looking around and ... web cams are not really a thing any more.

They were at one time, right along with flying cars and tourist trips to the moon. Remember when we were all going to have video phones like on The Jetsons? That world has web cams, undoubtedly, but ours does not.

You're better off cultivating friendships among the various shopkeepers near your busking location and calling them on the phone, and asking them how the crowd looks - being shopkeepers, they'll know if the crowd's spendy too.

I tried both NOLA cams and cams on the famous Waikiki Beach, to get a bit of a taste of where I grew up, and .... there's a reason the airlines are still selling tickets. The only real-time way to view faraway places is to go there.