Saturday, July 23, 2016

2 Louise Style Cups

I've got my pens, the 1.6 mm. ball point "Extra Bold" pens.
They are Bic "Crystal" brand, and I had thought that I may have bought the very last of a recalled product when I found some last year at the dollar store; but, I guess they are a "seasonal" thing and they are back; in all 8 colors. I love them.
I hate fine points. The worse thing in the world is to have a single sheet of paper on a Formica desk and to be writing with a fine point, so that you can hear and feel the ball against the surface of the desk -enough to screw up your penmanship, making loops too elongated and other letters too pointy- and to be writing an essay on feudalism...
Stories coming.
It's Saturday evening; and I hope my rusty strings make it another night.
I made $15.40 Friday (last) night in about 2 hours of playing.
July wages, those.
I was puffing on cigarettes as I busked, though.
Tonight, I guess I go out because it is Saturday. I will eat some quinoa with ground flax seed and then ride my bike into the Quarter. It takes me about 18 minutes from my front door to the Lilly Pad, now that I have found a way to cut the distance by making a turn well before I get to Royal Street.
I really only used Royal Street to pick up an energy drink on my way to the spot.
The big ceramic cup is one of the relics of the Louise 10 day stay of about a year ago to remain in the apartment.
She brought hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes (for the toilet seat, I assume) and brought micro fiber towels that are very good at wiping down things, and she left a large blue towel.
The last of her candles burned out months ago; I'm still using the can opener that she left.
The big cup fits perfectly under the spout of the juicer.
Oat Milk Recipe
I have been making a lot of oat milk, by soaking oatmeal and then simmering it just enough to separate the fibrous outer hulk of the the grain from the creamier middle part; then running it through the juicer, taking care that it is just watery enough to carry the creamy part down the spout rather than have it stick to the inside of the juicer.
The stuff in the fiber bin is rubbery, dry, grainy and tasteless, so I am definitely separating out the best part of the oat; naturally sweet, loaded with the right kind of cholesterol, heart smart, and filling if you drink 2 full sized Louise style cups of it..
To this oat milk can be added honey, cinnamon, ground dates, maple syrup, a pinch of sea salt and, last night I found, coconut milk.

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alex carter said...

OK buddy yeast sandwich.

Take bread, spread on butter, then sprinkle on powdered yeast. A good yeast sandwich has an even cover of yeast over the butter which is an art form since the yeast powder is very fine. When you eat it, the yeast compliments the sweetness of the (unsalted) butter and it's just great. Also, it will build up on the top of your mouth, but doesn't matter, it's yeast and it tastes awesome.

I had two slices of this for breakfast and am already looking forward to two slices more in the morning.