Sunday, July 24, 2016

Strings, Etc.

6 Dollar Saturday

I was at the Lilly Pad at around 10:30 PM and it was around 12:30 when I knocked off, thinking that I had made a little bit of money.
Actually, I had started my jar off with 4 dollar bills, and so the additional 5 dollar bills made the jar look artificially inflated. I always break apart the clumps of ones, hoping to find a large bill sandwiched in between. Often people either don't want you to be gushing thanks and embarrassing them after seeing them lay a 20 on top of the pile; they want to give "anonymously," or they don't want the skeezers to walk by and see the 20 on top of the pile and then grab the whole jar, thinking that it is full of them.
It is Sunday and I prepare to go to the Quarter to pick up strings; etc.

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alex carter said...

I think if you go online to Guitar Center/Musician's Friend you can get strings really cheap, like 5-10 packs of some decent strings for way cheap, instead of paying full retail and for crappy strings.

You also need to have, on your page, a mailing address for you so people can send you those odd packages of strings and picks they have languishing in their closets.

Ditto goes for an Amazon account or however they do it, so people can send you random Amazon stuff.

Now that I'm messing around with drums I'm in Guitar Center a lot, and also a local place, Starving Musician. I remember damn guitar picks being 50C each when I was a little kid in the early 70s, now (what I think are)good ones are 25c or even less. I can see even a tightwad like myself mailing you some picks once in a while.