Sunday, August 14, 2016

Following The Money

$38 Saturday

I have been able to break the pattern of having either Friday or Saturday, but never both, be decent nights.
Adjusted for the fact that we are in the middle of the doldrums of summer, the 38 bucks I made last night was acceptable.
It advances my plans to jump on the road and visit up north.
I wanted to go up there during the summer, of course, so that I could busk in temperatures above 55 degrees, to set an arbitrary point.
It's important to be totally self sustained along the trip and to not show up hungry and broke anywhere.
I will be limited in the amount of time that I am away by the concerns of keeping Harold the cat fed, and of not letting my houseplants wither and die. 3 weeks, tops.
I can buy Harold 21 cans of food that he likes for $7.

I started to think that, if I were to bide my time and take the trip in the fall, I might be able to do it more comfortably, but it would be harder to busk by the middle of October in places like Boston, and at the same time New Orleans would be starting to pick up, and that would defeat the purpose of following the money.
The original "idea" was to evacuate here during the slow season, though, and that would have to be done within the next couple months. It "traditionally" starts to pick up here in October and keeps on rocking until the next July.
I have enough money for a brand new harmonica, and at that point I would be ready to travel, in the sonic regard.
I know it get's cold at night in August in a lot of places; most of them in the elevations above 2 thousand feet.

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alex carter said...

A $38 day isn't bad at all. Here in "silicon valley" I make $35 a day, and that's considered good money out here.