Tuesday, August 16, 2016

To Make The Sugar Stick To Them

  • Find A Barbeque Pit
  • Find A Recycle Place
  • Get A Bag Of Cat Litter
  • Stay One More Week?
I demonstrate the "camera" application that is available through the computers in the computer room;
to the amazement of a couple other residents....

"Golly gee look-ee there, Cletus, they got cameras in 'em an' everything!"
Last night, I woke up right at about midnight, as Monday turned into Tuesday.
I called my weed guy who was just about to leave his place to get some food.
I decided to take a very pleasant midnight bike ride along the bike trail.
I wound up meeting him where he was getting his food, in the Quarter, which was as void of people as I have ever seen it.
Looking down the length of Bourbon Street from the Quartermaster Market, it was possible to see all the way to Canal Street without many bodies getting in the way.
Now it is Tuesday afternoon.
The only reason to believe that it won't be as dead out there tonight is that it isn't raining; at least not at this time. I had woken up last night to see the ground wet.
This is bothersome, after having made about 60 dollars over the weekend, to see it dwindle. I guess I will spend myself down to about nothing with the purchase of a new harmonica, before I waste the money on anything else.
I have an appointment next Monday to see about health care -getting a primary care physician, seeing exactly what my flavor of Medicaid covers, etc. etc. Of course I feel better right now than I have in a long time; can't think of many complaints to give to the doctor.
I must see about dental work and the inevitable pulling of all my teeth so they can be replaced by dentures. It has worked out, the fact that I broke yet another tooth recently, that my diet has been pretty much liquid throughout the same period. Oat milk, juiced vegetables....
Sooner or later I am going to want to crunch on some nuts and right now I would have to do that on just one side of my mouth. I supposed that I should count the number of teeth that I still have which are intact. I have always thought that I would get dentures as soon as one more than half my teeth become missing and the gaps outnumber the teeth in my mouth.

So, there is one more reason keeping me from traveling.
I am realizing, after thinking about it, that I really don't have to travel in the summer, since I would be spending most of my time indoors, while up in New England. I plan upon packing my heaviest jacket with me, good down to about 40 degrees.

I want to find a place where I can cook food over a red oak wood fire; maybe in a park nearby.
I want to have one of the paleo (sp?) type meals that I thrived on during years of being homeless.
Fish and vegetables cooked and roasted over a red oak or hickory or pecan fire. Something about the natural smoke I am craving. There must be a place nearby where all I would have to bring is the wood and the fish and the tin foil and olive oil, etc.....

I have about 4 pounds of aluminum cans that I have been crushing in my apartment, all of them from the era when I consumed an average of 2.8 energy drinks per day.
The "chronic" aches and pains in my neck and upper back have continued to fade off into the sunset, after the 5 day water fast that I completed and the diet that I have gradually introduced myself to upon resumption of eating.
The first glitch that I have had came after eating a whole box of Kellogs Raisin Bran in water a couple nights ago. I was craving sugar to be sure.
I felt a bit "knotted up" hours afterwards, and in an attempt to see if it was the sugar, which is a prominent ingredient in that cereal, that caused it, I bought a chunk of cane sugar which I spiked my coffee heavily with. That made me have a "pins and needles"sensation upon standing up suddenly, along with "seeing stars" but it didn't seem to tighten up my neck and upper back.
There aren't many more ingredients that I could test separately in that cereal. I know I'm OK with the raisins. Although, they are coated with malt syrup, I suppose to make the sugar stick to them.....


alex carter said...

I'm surprised you're making no mention of the rain, aren't you having epic flooding out there? I'm hearing about places being 40 feet underwater.

Daniel McKenna said...

We saw pretty persistent, yet not heavy rain for about a couple of days; frankly, I slept a lot and even Harold the cat, as if tuned in to nature, was not exactly scratching at the door to get outside...
It rained Monday and stopped pretty late at night, after the tourists had made plans other than visiting the oldest bar in America and probably visited the middle aged casino, instead...
The Baton Rouge pictures, kind of made me smile, because I can make out Government Street and the homeless shelter with only its roof showing; something kind of amusing about them homeless people having to sleep outside again 'cause the shelter's underwater LOL