Monday, October 31, 2016

Another Bite On The Couch

As my Craigs List ad nears its expiration date, 45 days after I posted it, I have gotten another call. This time, from a Ukranian girl named, Olya.
Maybe a Ukranian will not balk, as the previous 5 Americans have, at the fact that this is a roommate situation and not their own private room, containing a couch and all the amenities that they will have their own key to and can lock behind them.
If I renew the ad, I am going to emphasize the fact that the apartment is to be shared with myself.
I suppose my lack of concern over having anything of value to steal out of the place is conversely their great concern about leaving luggage, camera, laptop, hair dryer etc behind where I could get at them.
Thievery is a knife that cuts both ways; still, it would be easier for someone to flee to the Ukraine with my VHS copy of Pulp Fiction, than it would be for me to abandon my apartment and live in hiding in order to abscond with their tablet.

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