Sunday, October 30, 2016

Like A Charm

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  • Like A Charm

Burning music onto CD's works like a charm.

The blank discs are $6 for a box of ten = .65¢ a piece, including tax. They hold 80 minutes of music.
So, it is basically ¾ of a penny per minute of music.

I have burned a lot of music that I had laying around from old recordings, made on the laptop, when it worked. I plan upon cringing while listening to it out of my CD player slash radio; and then being glad that I sound so much better now that the older stuff will be cringe-provoking.

Louise The Tarot Card Reader

Louise has struck again.

I saw her headed towards the Unique Store, after having had my 54 dollar Friday night, at about 3:30 AM. She had a cat and a dog, along with her cartload of stuff.

I happened to mention the big bag of food that Harold won't eat, which was given to me by my neighbor, Wayne, because his cat wouldn't eat it, either. It is a 3 pound bag.

"Sure," Louise would love to have that 3 pound bag of food for her cat; she will be out all weekend (because it is Voodoo Fest); and her cat will definitely eat it, out of hunger, eventually.

So, for the past 2 nights, I have had the extra weight of the bag of cat food in my pack, and have not seen Louise.

I have taken Royal Street, against the flow of traffic and adding an extra quarter mile at least to my journey, hoping to see Louise and to dump off the bag of cat food.

In the 2 days that I have not seen her, I have delayed my arrival at the Lilly Pad by maybe 20 minutes (costing me, what, about 7 dollars?) and have burned extra calories toting the bag. I am pretty sure that, the day I leave the bag at home, I will run into Louise immediately upon getting into the Quarter, and she will immediately ask me if I have ir. Now, I almost have to keep carrying it, just to avoid that scenario.


alex carter said...

If your cat won't eat it, and that other skeezer's cat won't eat it, either it's because any self-respecting skeezer's cat will only eat fast food, cigarette butts, $20 bills, and expensive medications, or it's because it's really not good cat food; maybe a bit moldy or something.

I'd probably put it out for the crows and pigeons and figure I've done Louise's cat a favor.

Daniel McKenna said...

It is "age defying" cat food for cats 11+ years of age; made by Scientific Diet(?) or a similar sounding brand name; it's twice as expensive as the cheap food, and the bag was freshly opened.
I will say that, it has a peculiar smell, but it's like the smell of alfalfa or primrose oil or something equally mysterious that is good for older cats, but not moldy. I usually try a few bites myself of whatever I'm feeding Harold, and there is a medicinal flavor to it.
The cheap food is probably like feeding them Cheetoz and Pepsi every day; not healthy but addictive. Ask my friend Howard, he'll confirm that...

alex carter said...

LOL Howard and his McDonald's and Cheetos.

Still, just saying, I've long gotten past the scam of carrying something all over hell and gone in hopes of passing it on to someone who could really use it, it always ends one of two ways: I never meet up with the person, the thing I'm carrying around for them acting as a very effective repellent, and the person only showing up after I'm fairly convinced they've died. Or, I give them the thing and am met with nothing but disdain. Not the slightest crumb of thanks. This is why I advocated skipping that guy's phone into the Mississippi, and I'd probably do something similar with a found phone tomorrow, because I've returned phones and there's never even a "thanks".

You could possibly donate the food to an animal shelter, or to some dog-skeezers, since dogs will eat any cat food, and if the dog-skeezers eat it themselves it will only help their breath and digestion.