Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Morning Conscious

  • The Phone
  • Studio Time
  • To Busk Or Not

Obviously, I'm not going to keep the phone that I found, since finding the guy who lost it would be so easy.

Could you steal this guy's (above) phone?

I think I will call in a while to see if I can set up a place to meet him; quickly and effortlessly.

I kind of wanted to shoot a video of myself playing and then be able to, I guess, somehow take it off the phone, and use it on the blog, or something. But, the thing that concerns me, of course, would be the sound quality, and that might involve placing the phone on some kind of tripod and recording in a room with decent acoustics, and then, of course figuring out how position it so that the vocals can be heard over the guitar, but so that the harmonica isn't too loud, etc.

I should probably Google "How to record a demo on a mobile phone," along with looking up the specific phone, perhaps. And, all of that would take time; time that the guy will spend thinking about his phone, and I wouldn't want to be put through that, myself.

If I want to record video on a phone like that, I will just have to buy one of my own.

Ok, I just looked up the phone and it is a $130 phone, brand new, and $89.99 for the used one that I saw.

Not exactly chump change, and I guess that explains why I was able to surf the web from the comfort of my room; something that I wasn't even able to do with my now defunct laptop.

I guess mobile phones have achieved almost world-wide Internet access by now -anywhere you can get a signal, type of thing- I had better give the phone back before I get to like it too much...

Tomorrow, Jim the artist is scheduled to be in the studio at Tipitina's. I plan to drop in, unannounced, and see if he want's to collaborate on a song or jam or something.

I still need to find the guys who live "behind Louis Armstrong Park," who shot that video of me at the Lilly Pad. Maybe that will answer the question of what kind of quality can you get by just pointing and shooting a mobile phone.

People would probably tell you that it depends upon the phone, and I imagine that when you Google Tanya and Dorise and get a video of them that you can actually crank up through your sound system and it sounds just like being there (right down to the motorcycle sounds), that it was probably shot by someone using the latest phone to have hit the market, one that they had stood in line outside the Apple store for 3 hours in order to buy.

I shot a short little video and tried to mail it to myself using the Alcatel One Touch "Conquest" phone, but was thwarted after I was unable to find the "underscore" symbol anywhere in the typing application.

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alex carter said...

After looking at the guy's picture, no, I could not steal his phone. He looks like Mr. Snow from "The Road", a popular book by one Jack Kerouac, or Mr. Boats, the guy who used to laugh a lot - when not dispensing judgemental wisdom - at the V.A. medical center where Harvey Pekar worked. There's no way you can steal the phone of a guy like that.

You said you could call people he knows on it; can't you at least get with one of them to get it back to him?

Another possibility is that he's got some kind of insurance, in which case he might already have a better phone and not care about that one, in which case you might have a nice phone (for about 2.375 weeks until you lose it).