Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Evening Post

  • Another 14 Bucks Saturday Night
  • Phone Found

I found a phone laying up against one of the rails of the trolley track, and it is a nicer phone than the one I have, and I am wondering if I should shoot a quick music video on it, before tracking down its owner.
It's owner, if that's him on the front wallpaper, is an older black man who sits in a car and smiles; that's about all I know of him.
I called one of the "missed calls" numbers on it; from "Eric" -it doesn't seem to be locked in any way- and a lady answered.

She said that, yes, their friend had lost his phone, but then added that he had been calling them and asking them if they'd seen it.

So, why wasn't the guy just calling his own damned phone to see if whomever answers it has seen his phone...?

So, I balked at meeting Eric on Canal street, where she was going to be watching a parade, she said; in order to hand over the pretty cool phone that isn't locked; so she can give it back to their friend. "He lives on Canal Street," she had said.

The smart way to return it is to give it to one of the security guards here at Sacred Heart Apartments, who, since they spend a lot of time on their own phones, would probably be pretty expert at navigating the menus of the phone and maybe even leaving him a voice mail about where he can come and pick up the phone, which would be there at the front desk.

If he lives on Canal, then there is a small chance that he even lives here. I can't tell from his wallpaper likeness on the phone because he's wearing shades in it.


The discovery of cheap guitar strings online, is going to save me about 20 bucks a month.

I have purchased an AC powered radio slash CD player, so that I no longer sink a few bucks a week into AAA batteries.

If I spend another 20 bucks on a battery charger, along with some rechargeable batteries, then I can start saving another few bucks a week on AA batteries for the spotlight.

This would move me forward into the upcoming "season" when it will be a time to reap.

And, to think of how burned out I was last Mardi Gras, so that I had only played limited hours, even though some of them had been 30 dollar hours. Will have to monitor complacency more closely.
It's now Sunday night; and I could go out and play just on the principle of it; or I could just tell myself that the quality and not the quantity of my busking is what really matters, and stay in and practice and read and listen to music.

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alex carter said...

Best to leave the phone with security at the front desk, to avoid meeting a skeezer and because in my experience, people you return a lost phone to, instead of being the least bit thankful, will simply act as if it was your job to return their phone to them.

Frankly if it were me, I'd sell it to one of those no-questions-asked places and be $20 or so ahead, or have some fun with it like seeing how many times I can make it skip across the Mississippi River if I throw it fast and "flat" or, hang it somewhere that's hard to get to but it's visible, like off of a power line, then watch the fun as people try to get it.