Saturday, October 22, 2016

Rebel Skeezers

  • Up At Sundown
  • $14 Friday
  • Hoodie Out Of Mothballs 

After finding that the 3 packs of strings had arrived in yesterday's (Friday's) mail, I lay down to take a nap at around 3 PM after having set my phone alarm to 8:48 PM. There was a chance that I would be up and at 'em, after just under 6 hours of sleep, given the positive energy boosting effect of having new strings and new batteries for my spotlight.

My peace of mind was disturbed by knowing that I would have to set aside 15 minutes for putting the new strings on the guitar and tuning it up, and then a few more minutes to put the new batteries in the spotlight, plus lace up them boots that I'm gonna wear.... It was enough to keep me tossing and turning for a while.

After 5 hours, I often feel that I am just getting into the all important R.E.M. cycle, and after being woken out of that state, I often go back and sleep until past the 8 hour point, which means I would have been better off setting the alarm for say 7 and a half ahead, and actually getting up at that time, rather than sleeping through the one 5 hours ahead. I lay awake thinking about that for a while.

My goal was to be at the Lilly Pad at 9:50 PM, a full hour earlier than I had been getting there.
I wanted to establish a presence at the spot, by occupying it more; kind of like my own Syrian-like war, between myself and rebel skeezers.

I got there at about 11:45 PM, after having slept through the alarm, if it had ever gone off at 8:48, and woken on my own, a bit after 10 PM.

A couple of hours and 14 bucks later, I rode back home, stayed up for half the day, and now am looking at being at the Lilly Pad an hour and a half from now, around 9:30 PM.

I have a chance to put some money aside, so that I can take some time off next week, when Jim the artist is in the studio at Tipitina's; to see if I can basically skeeze some recording time, or at least be given a demonstration of the Garage Band, or other, audio program that they use.

I could at least come out of that situation with recordings of Jim's stuff with myself playing on it, or vice versa.

I would at least like to record a few things with just myself on guitar, vocals and harmonica, and then be able to listen to it critically back at the apartment, and play along with it to see if I would add to it by adding to it, or if it should stay sounding like a Bob Dylan "Bootleg" album selection.

The black "New Orleans" hoodie that I hadn't touched since early April was put into use last night. I busked with it on, meaning that the temperature was in the low 60's. With November fast approaching....


alex carter said...

Skeezers vs. rebel skeezers lol!

The problem is, if some (other) skeezer who has a charming personality decides to move in on the Lilly Pad. If you get someone like "Mr Clean Cut Guy" you may lose the spot because think, if you're Lilly, what kind of skeezer do you want near your place?

Daniel McKenna said...

Lilly and I are going to move to Spain together as soon as her daughters are married off...
She was excited to see Johnny B., though, having seen him across from the swank hotel being clean on her nightly walks to chaperone the girls home; when he showed up at the spot to jam that one and a quarter nights over a year ago; "Oh that's the guy from Royal Street.."
But, her enthusiasm seemed to stem from the fact that she had seen it as a good move for me to be allying myself with the clean, and it could only portend good things; stick with him; but he can't play his amp here...
Now that I think of it; had Johnny and I switched to doing an unplugged set, after Charlie the girlfriend of Barnaby came over and laid down the law about Johnny's amp, then he might still be a fixture as a guy that I duet with a lot; but, I guess Johnny B. couldn't cut his umbilical cord to the amp and the flow of Royal Street money that he had become conditioned to seeing it as.
Johnny just couldn't do an unplugged thing, I'm pretty sure. He would always be lamenting what could have been if he had some echo on that Trent Resnor tune..LOL

alex carter said...

Well, if you hang around with a guy who takes baths, maybe it makes it more likely that you'll take baths, and maybe someday even get a haircut.