Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Here's Hoping

  • Portrait Mailed Off
  • Two Nights Off For Football Watching

Tonight, if I go out and play -and it is Tuesday- I would do so with the expectation that I might make "just" 20 dollars.

But, I also think that the Christmas song that I have been doing on the guitar and harmonica with a bit of vocals splashed in (I can't bring myself so far as to wish random people a "merry" Christmas, and so usually sing the amended title shown) might be a cash cow. It had done well Saturday night.

Now that I have copied the "actual" melody onto the sheet shown, I can fine tune the harmonica part, since I now have pretty good command over the notes used in the song. It is the harmony that is the spice on this particular carol and, as I play the melody, I'll be trying to add some by jazzing up the chords as much as possible.

Here's hoping I'm in the mood to saddle up and go get 'em a couple hours from right now...

Boy, do I feel lazy. Like staying in to cook and eat something and then reading enough so I can use the excuse that I had stayed in to enrich myself by catching up on my reading.

It was sprinkling earlier. It's pretty warm, about 62.

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Alex said...

It's rain, rain, rain here. Good time to stay in and work on stuff, really.