Thursday, January 19, 2017

Between The Raindrops

  • $7 Dollar Wednesday
  • Lots Of Rain On Radar

It has stopped pouring outside and is now just drizzling.

I have made 50 bucks the first 3 days of this week.

If I am to stick to my routine, i.e. ride my bike down to Broad Avenue to get either cat food, energy drink, cigarettes, water, weed, bath salts or food; now would be a good time to make the dash for it.

It might not be a busking night tonight, due to weather.

I have the 20 bucks to put on my green plastic card, which will put the balance up just over 40 bucks.

I can start to look for some kind of video camera at that point, by "discount" shopping.

Weather Update

Even though so much just becomes irrelevant to mankind, and there are famous people dying every day..

I find that, once I am sitting down at the Lilly Pad, my enthusiasm level rises palpably. But, even as I approach the spot on my bike, I am filled with self doubt.

Last night, I forced myself to envision how I would prefer the night to go. I supposed that I wanted someone to come along and tip me 100 bucks, but, more importantly for me to feel like I had given them something worth that; like a humorous video of myself dropping the names of their friends back home into a song...

So, it is Thursday and I am going to believe what I see on the weather website. The second band of rain to our immediate west is just started to sweep over us, as evidenced by Gary, a resident, having just come in from smoking a cigarette and exclaimed: "It's raining again."

Give it a half hour and we will be in the clear.

I'm getting kind of ambitious about getting some kind of recorder. I could always strip the audio off of any video that I shoot and burn it onto CD's and maybe have them available for sale by Mardi Gras.

And, there is the possibility of taking them into the Tipitina's Music Co-Op and adding to them with backup vocals, a second guitar, maybe even use the piano there as a bass instrument on its leftmost keys.

Time now to go and have more coffee at the apartment and then pack up and ride off to play for an attempted three hours.


alex carter said...

At least a brass instrument like a trumpet doesn't mind the rain. Wooden instruments like guitars ... ehhhhh .... it's worst on violins, not only made of wood but they use centuries-old technology like friction pegs that love to come loose when the temperature changes, and there's a thing called a "sound post" inside that's held by friction and that comes loose and takes some real skill to replace and place properly.

Of course any kind of art involving paint/paper, the rain is utter death.

One instrument that's pretty easy to play that has a lot of advantages (doesn't mind rain so much, small, fairly loud) is the clarinet. It's not too hard to come across used ones for a hundred or so, and well, it's good enough to be in marching band.

Daniel McKenna said...

The clarinet has a distinct disadvantage, in my opinion, in that you have to hold the clarinet under an armpit and clap your hands as the only accompaniment to your singing; I mean that's real "old school New Orleans" stuff there, and at least one guy, Ricky, can pull it off; but Ricky and Doreen run neck and neck when it comes to clarinet skills, there's that detail, as a foil to the vocal part...

alex carter said...

Yep with any single-note instrument like that you've got to be good enough to be able to make the audience hear, in their imagination, the backup band, or you've got to get a tape player and play backups; I think those "music minus one" tapes they sell in the back pages of Crawdaddy Magazine would be about right.