Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Land Of Sheep And Tourism

  • $29 Tuesday
  • Recording Device Shopping

I am gradually becoming less stressed, in general, over the basic survival needs of food and security, having been in the apartment for just over 2 years without having been evicted behind any "I knew it was too good to last" reasons, such as getting a letter from the Louisiana Housing Authority, informing me that, due to the coming to light of information regarding an apartment that I vandalized back when I was in college, I must move out within x number of days, or "It has come to our attention that you have been housing a cat, without having registered it with the agency, which is in direct violation of..."

I don't know anything about any cat!!
I am finally starting to hang wall decorations and am planning upon upgrading my houseplant operation, to include more specimens.

It seems the norm that 7 or 8 dollars is to be the amount that I make on my worst nights, money-wise.

Last night, I made 29 bucks, with 25 of that coming from a group out of which one guy offered me 20 bucks if he could play my guitar, and then 5 more went into the jar after he had played and they had all sung "Wonderwall," the Oasis song.

That song, along with "Wish You Were Here," by Pink Floyd are at the top of my list of songs to learn, due to popular demand. I know about 60% of each just through my attempts to sound them out, after telling people, "I can try..."

So, yeah, it could have easily have been a 4 dollar Tuesday night, if it weren't for them. I had gotten there an hour earlier than I had on my 13 dollar Monday night.

Now it is Wednesday, and I could get there even earlier. The weather is continuing to be unseasonably pleasant.

I had put the 20 dollars that the Lidgleys had sent, onto my American Express Serve card, bringing its balance up to $21.03, on my way out Tuesday night. I'm close to putting another 20 on it, and at that point, will begin to look for some kind of tablet like Howard's, especially after researching which ones have the best audio capabilities. I have posted to the "Home Recording" group on Facebook, asking those folks for suggestions. I posted up my video of "Crazy 'Bout A Crazy Girl," to give them all an idea of what I'm working with...

And, I am now better stocked with food than I have been on the 17th day of any previous month, since I've been here.

There is about 50 bucks on my food card, and I have frozen fish, juice, oatmeal, noodles, plenty of canned vegetables, and a half dozen cans of salmon and mackerel. I even have a little can of clams, which I am am going to use to perform an experiment upon Harold the Cat.

Harold the cat loves the "Lamb and Clam" variety of Friskies Concoctions, and I want to figure out which one of the above, if either, he likes the most.

I'll set a little dish of just clam juice alone next to a plate of the lamb and clam concoction to see which one he devours first.

I love performing experiments upon pets; it's one of the things they are good for. Like, from just how far away can Harold the cat hear my keys jingling, as I stand at the back door at 2 AM, using them to signal to him that the food and the behind the ear scratch-er are back from the Quarter.

I believe he can hear them from about 400 yards away, based upon where I have seen him hanging out down the street, where there might be a female cat, and the amount of time which elapses between when I begin jingling the keys and when he bolts through the back gate. Using the typical speed at which he comes running and the amount of time it takes, gives me a figure which jives with the 400 yard distance at which I have seen him hanging around.

But, what if I were to jingle a different set of keys? I don't know, that experiment is still on the slate.

I have determined that he knows the little squeaks and ticks of my bicycle, after I tiptoed (to rule out the sound of my footfalls as being the trigger) towards the apartment door pushing it alongside me, and heard him start meowing from inside the apartment before I was halfway to the door.

These sheep just need to get out more...

The Lidgley's "Land of Sheep And Tourism" (left).
Bourbon Street: "The Land Of Sheep And Tourism" (below)

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That sheep is actually a llama.