Thursday, January 12, 2017

Carcass for Becca1

So, it is Thursday around 1 PM, or one hour before my dental appointment, during which 3 teeth are to be extracted. I'm assuming they are the ones that are broken off to the point that they are barely past the gum line, and in such a condition are not helping me chew very much at all, and hence, they won't be missed. I think the poor man's route to dental independence is to eventually get a one size fits all set of fake teeth to replace all of the ones which have been pulled. Thus, I don't expect them to be fitting me for a set of just three fake teeth to replace the ones that they are going to pull 56 minutes from now.

The Carcass Song

Carcass Song Sweeps Alabama, One Fan At A Time
"The Carcass Song" is one of my originals, one which started out intended to be a Metallica type of song. I envisioned those two guys, Hetfield and Ulrich? singing the harmony.

And the topic of dogs getting in to a carcass and bringing the smell back home is something that wouldn't cause the batting of any eyelashes at one of their shows.

This one is being sent to Becca Griffin, whom I met in 2010 in Mobile, Alabama and who performed at the same open mic night and who liked The Carcass Song.

The seven years that have elapsed since them have seen improvements made in the way I perform The Carcass Song.
"...with something which is DECAYING!!..."

It turned out, initially, to be one of the more difficult songs in my repertoire, which is ironic, since I wrote it, and thus had all of the riffs at my disposal that I can do blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back.

I have finally broken the harmony down into a logic and found a very reliable down beat, by realizing that the riff that I play repeatedly through the verses really outlines a quick D minor to G major progression, so, by keeping those chords in mind, I have found a riff that I can make the "standard."

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