Thursday, January 12, 2017

Crazy 'Bout A Crazy Girl

Rated R

This song needs to be preserved as part of my original catalogue, so that if I make it big someday, it might become appreciated, in hindsight.
  I have explained in the liner that, this song is Lilly Pad bait, which is used to try to hook the big tuna.

The tourists who stop and sit down on the stoop to listen to the end of a song, and who then ask me if I would play something that I wrote, and whom, after a conversation show themselves to be the types that might enjoy this song about a girl I met in Saint Augustine, Florida (which is like a distant cousin to New Orleans, as far as busking is concerned) might just hear me play this one. Rated R I have settled upon a strategy for posting videos to places like Youtube. The question that I ask myself is: Is this music representative of the way you might do it on the street this very night or maybe last week sometime. If the answer is something like: "Yes, I sometimes come in on a strange note on the harmonica instead of the one I was aiming for on the street, and then I adjust as best I can..." with the operative word being "Yes" then I will go ahead and post up the songs to preserve them in their current condition. If I ever improve upon any one of them, then I will just do an upgrade on that particular song, swapping out the previous version...

 Dental Hospital Visit

I rolled into the parking lot of the Daughters of Charity hospital at about 2:06 PM, for my 2 PM appointment. To have three (3) teeth pulled.

"I'm here!" I immediately informed the purple overall clad young black lady.

After I gave her my name, I received a smile that said that they had their doubts about me showing up and in general.

I was given my choice of which three teeth I wanted extracted.

Well, you're the professional dentist, where would you start?

"Well, probably some of the teeth that are broken off at the gum line and make no contact with any other tooth. ...I think you pros have a word for that...

They aren't doing me any good as far as chewing. Maybe take adjacent teeth unless the remaining ones are going to migrate into the gap created."

I am back from having had the procedure done.

I find it hard to believe that, had I asked her to pull some of the ones that are actually helping me to chew now, she would have gone ahead and done so. I will eventually have a "partial" which will fill in for just about every tooth except the front ones. Those are waiting and praying for the Louisiana Pick 3 number to be 427, or for my work to become more steady.

It feels hardly any different, now, as I run my tongue around my than, than it did before the three teeth which were broken off at around the gum line, were removed.

I got a prescription for antibiotics and pain pills of not much street value. My "co-pay" was 50 cents on each bottle. Somehow being a disabled veteran is helping me there, indirectly, perhaps...

Another Day Goes By Without My Having Given Howard Back His Tablet

I am trying to unload all the worthwhile videos off of Howard's tablet so that I can delete them before I give the thing back to him. The trouble has been my becoming inspired to give some of the these songs multiple tries and coming up with better versions. That is why I developed the rating of "R" (for representative of how I do the song, typically, on the street).

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alex carter said...

Just watch the fuck out for something called "dry socket" on those teeth. Basically, you really don't want to put any stress that might dislodge the "scab" over the openings they (hopefully) stitched up when they pulled the teeth out. If it were me, I'd get seriously into smoothies.

I don't know if you have one, but a blender is a cheap thing that could change your life.