Saturday, January 14, 2017

I Can Foot Bill For Football

$48 Thursday
$21 Friday
Saturday to Howard's to return the tablet, watch football, see the huge turkey in the back yard.

The first game has started, I have it on my cheap AM/FM Walkman type radio.

I'll be to Howard's by the time the Patriots game comes on. I'm wearing the Patriots shirt that Ben Lambie from Boston sent to me. It's a triple extra large, which makes me wonder about how Ben say's that when he gets drunk he does "stupid (stuff)" like stealing shirts out of stores.

I guess my next videos are indefinitely postponed.

I learned a bit about videos and Youtube and about the "technology" in general.

I need to check the specifications, through scientific journals or consumer reports type publications, to see if there is a camcorder or something on the market that has an even better microphone than the one which is the default in Howard's tablet.


Thursday, I went out with kind of old strings, and a harmonica that already had a note blown out.
The 12 dollar ones sound decent for about the first 3 weeks, I'm finding. Somewhere around the month old mark, a reed will break. Probably a "draw" reed, perhaps from bending the note hard on a draw...

The Susuki "Folkmaster" harmonica that I have been using (the 12 dollar one) is called such because the notes that it facilitates are more of the "folkey" ones and not the "bluesey" ones...

But, I managed to get two separate 20 dollar tips, at times when I was playing my best, and wound up with almost 50 bucks, after having woken up with less than four bucks on me.

Friday night, I was there pretty early and had only made about 13 bucks when I knocked off after a couple hours. After coffee, I decided to play some more and made about another 8 bucks in another hour and a half. The difference from the previous night being the absence of the two twenties...


alex carter said...

If you look at the videos of a guy named "Nomadic Fanatic" on YouTube, you'll notice they're very nicely done, sound's good, etc.

Well, he has several GoPro cameras, a few mics and gimbals, at least one selfie stick, I think 3 drones at about $1500 each, you get the idea.

I think at the minimum it'd take a decent GoPro, with a separate mic that's decent, a selfie stick or tripod (or both, they're both cheap) and some kind of free video editing software.

Bargain-basement that's still gonna run about $500.

This is why I say, work on the music and let the Kool Kids with their solid-gold-cased iPhones and $500 a month connect plans worry about the videos. Someone took video of "Homeless Mustard" and that made him a star, because the guy could really sing.

Daniel McKenna said...

Yeah, I checked him out; if I had his equipment and read a few dummies books, I'm sure I could make a pretty interesting and/or funny video; and if a guy walking a cat on a leash around an RV park can get 47 thousand views; well.....